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Bubble Age

Bubble Age
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Qublix
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

The Bub family embarks on the journey of searching for their son Dot kidnapped by the notorious Tribe Oggo Poggo in the prehistoric world. Mother Kea loads bubbles to the sling; Father Bub fire them to clear the bubbles blocking their way; Daughter Kiku generally sleeps on hammock by the side but wakes up from time to time offering an extra ball for parents; and some Dino pets also come out to help pass levels. This is a sketch of Bubble Age, a new match-3 puzzle game leading us to a bubble-shooting adventure.

Bubble Age

Bubble Age tells a new story, depicts a fresh setting, but presents the conventional gameplay. If you have ever played any match-3 puzzlers, you will pick up the gaming mechanics immediately. Use the mouse to aim and click to fire balls, match 3 or more bubbles on the board to pop them, press space bar to swap two bubbles from the sling, bounce balls on walls to hit those otherwise out of reach, and complete a level by popping at least 10 bubbles in the top row.

As you drop as many bubbles as possible in a game, you can get three types of help under different conditions. When you drop certain bubbles, you wake up the sleeping girl who will hand you an additional bubble (with random color), or charge up the Acid Plant which opens up and gives you an Acid Bubble that will drop any bubble. Also, if you manage to consecutively drop bubbles, your Dino pets will show up to help scoring better points to fill up the star-rated meter.

Once you finish a level, you can unlock the next, with a long trail unfolding with zigzags leading to more challenges yet one step closer to the final goal of getting back the lost son. Passing levels rewards you with coins, which can be used to purchase power-ups to help clear the barriers. Precision, for instance, extends the aim guide; Acid gets an acid bubble from the start; and Extra loads 7 extra bubbles in your sling.

If you are willing to spend some money in the game, you can also use Bucks (the hard currency) to get more powerful Boosters. There are various special bubble boosters available on every game, such as the Meteor Bubble to destroy every bubble in its path or the Paint type to tinge adjacent bubbles the same color as the bubble it hit. Besides, there are also Permanent Boosters unlocked at certain level but requiring purchase to use. Stone of Dino is your first Permanent Booster activated at Lv. 10, which costs 100 bucks to buy but brings the bonus of all your Dino helpers present from the starting of each level. Moreover, if you want to Undo the last action or Look-up the top of the level during play, you can do that any time by spending some bucks.

Levels will get harder to complete. Not only will the bubble arrangement becomes irregular and thorny, there will also appear some barriers on the board like the Wood Bubble that you can’t match but drop it by popping all its adjacent bubbles. You may sail through the first 10 or so levels smoothly, but will gradually slow down due to failure. If you fail a level, you lose one life. If you use up the 5 free lives, you either wait for its regeneration or buy them for real money. As usual, you can also ask friends if you have in the game. And you also need to pass barriers at some nodes in the long path, if you don’t want to pay the ticket.

If you look for innovation, Bubble Age provides little. If you are looking for fun, it offers a lot. The game looks pretty and designs its interface tightly around the back story and theme. Will the Bub family make it? How far can you as Father Bub go in this journey?

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