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Bubble Angels is a free-to-play bubble-shooting arcade game full of cutesy, challenge and fun. The game has a simple animal-saving theme and sees you guide two little angels to rescue stranded animals in the diverse, plentiful puzzles.

The first several stages in Bubble Angels serve as tutorial making necessary explanation of the basic mechanics and boosters during play. That is a considerate design for newbie players. While for veteran bubble shooters, you can directly pick up the gameplay since the game rule is more or less the same with most its contenders. You shoot bubbles out of the cannon to make matches of at least three of the same color on the playing field to make them disappear. Accuracy, combo and completion of level goal are still the main factors that decide your score and star mastery.

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Currently, Bubble Angels has more than 100 levels across six different maps. Every level has its own objective to reach and sometimes different modes. Starting from the basic score-x-points goal, you are perhaps challenged to pop away couples of different bubbles for a certain number within available moves, clear the entire board before the timer runs out, rescue angel’s wings and innocent animals stranded in the pink bubbles by blowing adjacent standard bubbles away, or play the puzzle in the special night mode clearing the board with the weak light of fireflies. Besides, there is boss fight in the last stage of a map posing you against different enemies.

The variety of Bubble Angels is not shown solely in the design of game goals and modes. In fact, Bubble Angels is likely to strike you as a diverse and solid arcade game early from the first map due to its rich variety and artistic creativity.

Conquering levels to march forward, you will enter different playing fields and deal with newly appearing obstacles and special bubbles. Stone bubbles, musical notes, fire barriers, mad bubble and so on will make appearance gradually at different levels and they must be dealt with in special ways. Try to hit the harp-bubble to play the right tune to dissolve the blocking musical notes; collect water bubbles to blow out the fire barriers that burn standard bubbles that touch them; and defend the rage of the mad bubbles with its pacifier.

You must get at least one star in each level to pass. If you can fill the score-o-meter to the full, you unlock the special expert mode for a final boost. Only when you get enough stars can you open the treasure chests to claim coins and other rewards. Besides, you can also win boss bubbles in every level by creating great combos – get them and gain a leg-up in the last boss fights. You can horn your skill by repetitive play and you can also draw upon the powers of various boosters and helpers to score high.

Power-up items are another example of the richness in design. They can be classified into three types. Precision that extends the target line, extra (burst) bubbles, extra animals, etc. are the first type of boosters that can be purchased for earned coins and before a game. Another power-up category is of premium, including meteor, lightning, paint and burst bubbles, which can be bought for hard currency in the middle of a game and used instantly to blow away more than one bubble. And last it is the helper, similar to the second types of boosters, that once purchased lets you undo a shot, lookup hidden part of the board, freeze time for seconds or shoot unlimited joker bubbles (deleting all standard bubbles they hit) for 3 seconds.

Bubble Angels is a competitive arcade game in the crowded genre with its stylish artwork and solid mechanics. Especially, its great variety reflected in all aspects is its strength that beats many of its predecessors and contenders. Simple to learn and hard to master, it is a great game worthy recommendation for bubble shooting fans.

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