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Bubble Epic

Bubble Epic
  • Release Date: Aug. 29th, 2012
  • Publisher: 6waves
  • Developer: Smartron5 Studio
  • Genre: Bubble Shooter
  • Official Site

Bubble is an iconic mark in the bubble shooter puzzle games. Zynga has Bubble Safari, Peak Games has Lost Bubble, and King.com has Bubble Witch Saga. Bubble shooter fans certainly can add more entry to the list effortlessly. Now, 6waves brings us another, that is, Bubble Epic, a new match-3 variation that bears great similarity to Bubble Witch Saga in mechanics and in in-game atmosphere.

Bubble Epic

Bubble Epic starts with a prologue that briefly explains the backdrop of a mysterious island you need to get off. In a land marked by odd ruins and ancient temples, the spirit, or rather a dried tree trunk will help you to get through by popping orbs to fall those of the same color above in the spooky atmosphere.

Game mechanics doesn’t change much on the basis of most bubble shooters. You control the spooky stub to shoot orbs to match 3 or more orbs of the same color that are displayed irregularly above to bust them, and you pass a level when you pop at least 10 orbs in the top row to clear the level and get at least 1 star. At the bottom of the scene, there are five jars, each of which has a multiplier that can grow with each burst and shrink with every missing shot. Keep the combo and fill the Star bar to pass a level. You fail and lose 1 life (5 in total) when you run out of bubbles but don’t reach the pass requirement.

There are the usual power-ups such as the 5 extra orbs and all containers starting with multiplier of 500 that can be purchased in the beginning of every match with coins earned by playing. As you move on, you get into more complex scenes that mix the bubbles with special items such as fragile keys to treasure box and Heavenly Drops. In effect, those items serve as barriers that must be evaded and collected by falling surrounding bubbles.

You need to pass a previous level to unlock the next. In the overview map, you travel from one node to another, and you will also see Temples, one in each region, where you can get rewards. It’s basically a single-player game, but you need to invite a friend to pass a certain section to continue playing; otherwise, you can only pass by using real money to buy the ticket.

Bubble Epic is, on the whole, more challenging than lots of bubble shooters in which you can pass twenty or so levels without a single failure. It’s as immersive as it is reasonably difficult. And it’s a potent contender in the bubble shooter genre.

 Bubble Epic Screenshots:

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4 Comments on Bubble Epic


  1. calvin says:

    were do i play puzzel in bubble epic game on facebook games thanks

  2. Bonny says:

    Just search it in either FB or google

  3. Phil says:

    Hi. On Linux Mint 13 (Maya) the game don't run….any solution???

  4. clara vieira says:

    Eu não consigo entrar no jogo bubble epic saga no facebook, pode me orientar



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