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Bubble Safari Ocean

Bubble Safari Ocean
  • Release Date: Dec. 2012
  • Publisher: Zynga
  • Developer:
  • Genre: puzzle
  • Official Site

Bubble Safari Ocean has hit the scene letting us tour the lost coast saving baby crabs. Sail past challenges and get the little crabs stuck in gems back with a shooter.

Bubble Safari Ocean

The game plays by the similar rules matching fans are all familiar with. Basically, you have a limited number of bubbles in your shooter, which you aim and fire to match 3 or more of the same color to pop. The objective is to release all stuck baby crabs in piles of bubbles. If you get them all, you can pass a level; and if you fail, you simply fail with 3 energies lost.

There is an Energy bar in the game, 15 points being the cap. It costs 3 energies to play a scene but returns the same points back if you successfully pass a level. So basically, it is equivalent of 5 lives as adopted in many other games of this type. The energy bar is also automatically refilled at the rate of 3 points every 30 minutes. You don’t need to concern much for the Energy bar at the first several levels even if this genre is new to you, due to the tiered structure.

From easy to difficult, you will get access to more complex scenes and meanwhile more helps from the various kinds of bubbles and power-ups. Once you arrive at Lv. 8, you will activate power-ups that can purchased with earned coins from additional bubbles to speed slot and to extended aim. You also need to horn your skills as well, faced with greater challenges. Shoot the bubble to the wall and make them bounce to the impossible places, enhance your shooting accuracy to make combos and unlock the Frenzy Bubbles that can blow off couples of any colors, and play with some tactics in some scenes where you can easily pass once you find the break point.

In-game graphics stay true to the ocean theme. Not only are the living beings from crabs to fishes designed vivid, the entire scene is lively dragging you into a underwater world which seems real. You can hear the thudding sound of the special metal/shell-like bubbles when they are hit, sense the reduced speed of some bubbles as if they are influenced by the water, and see the realistic breaking of a bubble when you get a crab out of it. It’s a living scene.

As to the social fusion, the game is as annoying as most social games are. It constantly asks you to share coins or invite friends. And you really need a few in-game friends to unlock new nodes, so that you can continue to play. Otherwise, you have to pay with Pearl, in-game premium currency. While you have 15 free Pearls to start with, you need a lot more to get you over the barrier nodes. Moreover, you can get Friend Bubbles, free energies, or special bubbles, too.

Bubble Safari Ocean is engaging with its beautiful scenes and solid gameplay. Get someone who also love matching bubbles and Fire!

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