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Bush Whacker 2 is a free and fun adventure RPG newly released on the largest social platform. The game draws aspiration strongly from The Legend of Zelda featuring a bush-hacking journey fun with discovery and exploration but creates a quite different experience due to its adoption of the free-to-play mechanism.

In Bush Whacker 2, you take the role of a knight on the quest of rescuing the Princess from the pirates. As you pursue the kidnappers’ ship across the Great Ocean, your ships sail into a vicious storm and after a fierce battle and the blackout you find yourself awaking in a strange land covered by large patches of bushes. You get up and decide to find a way out to resume your mission while helping the residents here to solve their problems, however whacky. So you start your new adventure.

Busher Whacker 2

Instead of fighting pirates, your enemy is mainly the batches of bushes that can grow quickly right after you hack them down. Your major task is to whack bushes, harvesting a rich variety of items that can be quest objects, customization stuff, jigsaw puzzle pieces or decorations. Luckily, you don’t have to whack bushes one after another but can use the three different moves: Quick Whack (costing energy) to hack all bushes in the field by one click, Power Whack (consuming two energy points with every click) to multiply the items in a bush, and Magic Whack (consuming mana) to get all bushes at once. Since the whacking action is nothing more than point-and-click, it turns into tedium and boredom quickly if without inserting some purposes and progression into it.

The game provides a large map that is divided into different regions. In each region, you also need to overcome the different barriers such as a bridge, a trunk or a stone to unlock roads to the next accessible zones. To do that, you have to complete one small field by hacking the continuously growing bushes there in numerous times to get all the jigsaw puzzle pieces. When you get all, you piece them together to complete the jigsaw, which then makes the corresponding blockade disappear. In each field, you will also accept several quests from the characters there, helping them find different items from sandwich ingredients to a gold key and to saplings that they ask for.

After their problems are solved, some characters will give you some special rewards besides the gain of Exp and coins. They may offer you such items as a trinket that you can equip to harvest bonuses in whacking, a fishing pole you can use, or a good deal for purchasing a house. Such offers also enrich the game adding a great layer of diversity to the gameplay.

Like most free games on Facebook, it incorporates the pace-setting Energy System. Except Magic Whack, Whacking bushes costs energy points. With 100 points in a fully charged bar, the demand is always greater than what you have. Due to the slow auto recharge, you have to either pause playing or purchase the energy package at the cost of hardly earned gems and finally real cashes. The feeling of frustration stemmed from the forced pause is certainly not strange to a free player and fan of casual games.

Bush Whacker 2 is on the whole an enjoyable adventure game that provides simple fun and joy of discovery and collection. The bush-whacking core is animated and applaud-able in its wide collection of various items and takes the clicking humdrum out with its whacky characters and story episodes. Its biggest issue lies with its energy system that frequently calls a cut. If you are familiar with the free play-generated inherent shortage and ok with it, you can have some great fun in whacking bushes from time to time.

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