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Cabal II

Cabal II
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Publisher: Asiasoft (Global)
  • Developer: ESTsoft
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

Cabal II, the brethren of EST Game’s original saga, is forthcoming after seven years’ development. The fantasy MMORPG starts with the discovery of the Sea Route to Echtancia, a new world where countless people arrive to build a colony of their own. You are one of them. Join one side, the Western Federation of Nations or the Eastern Federation of Merchants, and fight for your belief. You will choose from six distinct character classes as such:

  • Force Shielder – wield with a gigantic shield and also have great sword fighting skills
  • Warrior – use a giant two-handed sword with destructive power
  • Force Blader – equip with Force Artifacts (special swords) to launch destructive power while being skillful to neutralizing the Force attacks of opponents
  • Force Archer – attack with bow and great speed and use various battle gears inspired by ancient technology
  • Wizard – low in vitality and defense but great at casting spells that contain the energy of Force
  • Priest – draw power from the Magic Book and master the power of healing

Cabal II_Force Archer

Cabal II is powered by CryEngine 3 technology to bring the impressive 3D graphics and cutting-edge gameplay. It is scheduled to launch the second Closed Beta on Oct. 11th, 2012 after its first CBT a year ago in Korea. Meanwhile, global players can expect for the English and Thai versions from the SEA publisher, Asiasoft, but the global release is still far away.


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