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CABAL Online is a free-to-play 3D third-person MMORPG that is set in the fantasy Nevareth, a once utopia devastated by the nature of laws a thousand year ago and confronted with the new waves of evil forces invading now. To defeat evil and defend the land, heroes are called for. That’s where the players enter to play.

Cabal Online

CABAL provides six character classes with specialty in skills, stats and starting village. Quests will guide players to level up to certain extent. It may make the impression of being average in the beginning, but it soon warms up with more playable contents opening up. Take quests in the wilderness, travel through warp gate to time-limited dungeons, or participate in random events initiated by GM.

In-game world is beautiful with detailed graphics which is a little bizarre yet comfy in the mixture of modern sense in a fantasy setting. Combat is great with intriguing animation, especially of the visual effects of skills that inspire you to unlock the next. But unlocking new skills requires grinding, which may dump enthusiasm, drain patience and drive away players finally. And another downside is that PvP leaves much to be desired.

CABAL has been live for about five years and brought two major expansions since. And the latest third expansion titled The 3rd Hawkening was updated in March of this year.