Cake Bake Blitz

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Cake Bake Blitz is a new match-3 puzzle game that brings a special bake-off in a blitzing style.

Players in Cake Bake Blitz take the role of Katy Cupcake, a young female chef ambitious to become the greatest dessert master in the world. To realize this dream, players will go around the world and compete with the most famous chefs worldwide including Big Tony Tiramisu in NY, Dame Pavlova in Australia and Marcel Meringue in Paris.

Cake Bake Blitz

Cake Bake Blitz features 60 levels of yummy fun. In each bake-off, players will confront one of the best chefs in the corresponding location and try to beat the opponent with skills and tricks. While the grand chef will do their own tricks to spoil the game, players can use their own power-up items such as cherry bomb, magic cupcake and extra time to turn the table around. Not only can players challenge the big names, they can also compete with friends in a match due to the Tango integration.

Cake Bake Blitz is available to download for free in both the App Store and Google Play. Have sweet fun!

Game Features:

  • Beautiful and cute design of the play board and tiles
  • 60 levels of challenge with chef masters worldwide
  • A variety of helpful boosters from time rewind to bombs, magic cupcakes to combos and more
  • Social interaction with friends via Tango integration
  • Free-to-play