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Camelot Unchained is the working title of an upcoming tri-realm RvR-focused MMORPG. A pure RvR title, the game will present an open, persistent, competitive world for players to explore, craft, fight, capture, level, etc..

Camelot Unchained

Camelot Unchained is targeted on experienced if not hardcore gamers. In-game combat will be challenging, exciting, intense and fun. When a battle comes to an end, the victor will harvest honor and rewards while the loser gets some hurtful bruises. If one dies, there is a consequence with complex, non-playful resurrection process in the following. To explore outside, players need to learn the terrain and travel a long time sometimes to finally succeed in a mission. Gamers can move forward in the progression path only if they participate in in-game activities directly or contribute in certain way to the RvR. And players need to learn the complex systems before they make any choice, for choices decide here.

A class-based RPG with some strong sandbox features, the game offer great freedom to create custom characters. With a full stats allocation system and gender/race selection, players can spend much time customizing their characters. From the basic appearance to skills and to weapons/armors, players will make ongoing choices within the available scope that give them a variety of unique, awesome or awful, experience. An archer may be unable to pick up a certain weapon that is too heavy for him, for example, and A mage who is good at casting electricity may unfortunately shock himself to coma if he were resolute to wear a bit too much metal that day.

The bulk of gameplay is fierce competition in various forms. But if they don’t feel the mood of battling sometimes, players can have some fun with other in-game systems like housing/building, crafting and so on. Players can craft a variety of items including arrows, armor, gold, etc., which they can supply in their shop or barter in towns. In this way, players can socialize with each other and blend into a large community. And players/guilds can even group together to sell goods with in-game merchants.

The aforementioned is only scratches of the gameplay. An interesting weapon system with strength requirements, territorial control, pride-ensuing wars, RvR leaderboards, extremely limited special events and unlocks, and many more – Camelot Unchained will bring them to life.

This pure RvR MMORPG has a Kickstarter Campaign in schedule, which is supposed to become live this month. If the bits and pieces above mentioned are intriguing enough for you, you can keep an eye for the further info unveiled by its makers its Kickstarter.