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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga
  • Release Date: April, 2012 (beta)
  • Publisher: King.com
  • Developer: King.com
  • Genre: Match-3 Puzzle
  • Official Site

Candy Crush Saga, the latest entry in the Saga series of King.com, is a must play for match-3 fans, the sweetest game on Facebook. Built on the basic match-3 mechanics, it presents rich features that are more of strategic thinking than fast-paced competition. Due to the unique perspective, a new layer of strategy and variety is added to the game, making it one of a kind.

Candy Crush Saga

It starts from the basics that switching candies to match 3 or more of the same scores points and clears space for more candies to fall. Starting levels are mainly introductory, revealing more features step by step. Trying a T or L-shaped match or matching more than 3 sweets in a line generates special candies with special effects for high scores. Special candies can be either matched with their own kind of sweets or mixed of two together to create a giant one; and the special effects are varied from a line blast to explosion that destroys all nearby candies to removing all of one specific color on the board, to name but a few.

While basic mechanics stays familiar to all with experience in Bejeweled, it soon distinguishes itself by quite a few nice twists in gameplay. Instead of purely following the racing swapping formula, it has different objectives for players to achieve. You may be asked to score a certain point or clear the jelly zone (part of or the entire board) or drop certain ingredients (such as cherry) to the bottom, invariably within a pre-set amount of moves. And you can also notice that not all of the board is designed square, with pieces around the edge or in the middle missing in some occasions.

As you progress in levels, you can also unlock various boosters to facilitate gaming experience. The first you get is a hammer which is used to smash sweets difficult to match; and then another free booster is the extra move that can be helpful when you are close to completion. There are also a lot of other items such as the jelly fish, which are unlocked at specific level but need to be purchased to use for Facebook credits. Before using boosters, you usually don’t have a clear idea about their effects, since explanation comes after a certain item is used.

Candy Crush Saga also provides hints that tip swappable candies in a flash during play, if you are searching long without taking a move. But the hints can be misleading sometimes instead of being helpful, especially in the jelly clearing matches. While quick-mind is key to scoring high in matches with time limitation, it’s effective use of numbered moves that accounts when it comes to clearing specific jelly zone in the board. Given the randomness of the hint, it doesn’t take into consideration of the specific objective to wind up as disturb.

Candy Crush Saga, true to its title, features a sweet screen with a pink-tuned bring palette. At the outset, it contains 65 levels for you to pursue. And you may sometimes wonder how the simple match-3 can be made so immersive that it always inspires you to move to next level.

Candy Crush Saga Screenshots:

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11 Comments on Candy Crush Saga


  1. Erma says:

    Have searched high and low, asked for help from fellow players with no success as to how to crush the middle candy on level 45. Have cleared all others 4 times and the middle piece is the only thing holding me back from going onto level 46. What gives? How do you accomplish this? Where do I find the answer as to how to crush the middle candy out of the jelly? I guess I'll just have to stop playing.

  2. Marci says:

    Ema: you have to create a striped candy that will shoot across that center square to clear it.

  3. KATHY says:


  4. Judy says:

    I just tried to play level 58 and i was close to finishing so i bought more plays –up to $5,00 worth and the game wouldn't let me play. It just froze. Very discouraging. and I want facebook to give me my credits!!!

  5. Clarence Burrell says:

    i would like to fine out how u get out of step 20 after u have gotten candt crush i need help please

  6. Shirley Soth says:

    I want to know why I can not play candy crush saga on facebook? I had gotten to level 52 and it won't allow me to play. I 'm so disappointed.

  7. Saniya says:

    Yea boy you are right i can't even play the thing because and iv'e got to level 53 that's so lowdown. Thanks Everybody

  8. Candy says:

    Really time consuming game lol! It’s fun but sometimes a real hassle! Love Candy Crush!

  9. Candy Crush Saga says:

    Nice Post,
    Thanks for the sharing of valuable information about this games.One of the best addictive games for kid and they played games daily,but its features and specification of games is such nice.



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