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Weapons and racing cars are classic combination of action movies, or of an exciting new racing game. Yes, a new, murderous racing game titled Carnage Racing is rushing to Facebook and scheduled to arrive in November this year.

Carnage Racing

Carnage Racing is the maiden work of Jagex that develops Runescape in the social gaming field. It focuses on creating multiplayer experience and allows you to race against up to seven friends in the adrenaline-pumping competition. Meanwhile, it also prepares other options to meet different needs. There is the solo arcade mode for you to challenge AIs and speed trials to run against time.

As the title suggests, it is more than simple, standard racing, and more exciting with the existence of weapons. It provides a wide array of weapons, boosts and warps, which will make the racing full of surprises and wonders. Racing in the circles rewards you with money which are used to buy and upgrade weapons and customize the car.

Besides the intriguing contents, Jagex also promises triple-A graphics like no other. Given the limitedness of browser games, you can keep your doubt. But take a sneak peak of the available screenshots in the below.

Carnage Racing Screenshots: