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Castle Town

Castle Town
  • Release Date: Sept. 2012
  • Publisher: Clipwire Games
  • Developer: Clipwire Games
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Official Site

Castle Town is a new town-building simulator that has just arrived at Facebook. It has been a while that we don’t have any games of this type emerging in the social platform. Although it’s by no means a fresh experience, town-builder remains a popular one, which is proved by the large number of active players shortly after its launch.

You come to the medieval town as an ordinary person and digs out a crown in the small plot of land, which makes you the new ruler of the Sunrise Kingdom. Crown on head, you still need to get your hands dirty by working on the land. As you keep on, you will attract more NPCs by your side and learn more about the past of the Sunrise Kingdom and its fall.

As a new leader of the land, you need to protect your people from the evil force of Shadow, restore the kingdom to the former glory, and banish the evil out. You have quite a lot to do. Chop down the trees, rocks and other debris for building materials and usable plots, construct various buildings with specific functions, grow and harvest crops and vegetables, feed animals and get products, get recipes and make food in the cook house, collect coins and items from buildings, kick the ass of ogres to drive them away, have a little adventure here and there, and expand the border to reclaim the land that belongs to the kingdom before.

The list of activity is long. And the lighthearted gameplay inspires you to keep busy and take charge, but the energy bar sets the restriction of how long you can immerse in one sit. You have 20 points of energy to start off, but can get a higher cap with level-up and an auto full refill per level up. You can level up around Lv. 9 without the trouble of lack of energy, but after that, you will have to pause unless you are willing to spend money. At Lv. 9, you can step down to the previously locked Throne Room where you need to engage the trapped Ogre King and defeat it with 45 points of hit. With a full bar of 27 points then, you can’t finish the single task without 1 hour.

If you have many Facebook friends in the game, you can enjoy the social designs. Send each other free gifts, ask for the special items required in a quest, help each other out in staffing in certain structures such as the important Barrack, and come to rescue in war time. But these, from another point of view, can be restrictions for those with no few friends in the game. Except spending money to fill the blank of friend list, you have no other choice but be pushed out of certain contents. Without barrack, how can you defend your kingdom?

Castle Town is beautifully drawn and vividly animated. You can see the trees shake with leaves falling and shrink with every hack you perform, for instance. The background music sounds happy and joyful. The graphics and sound facilitates the immersion of gameplay.

Castle Town is not the anticipated pioneer to bring anything new to the well-established genre. The many Likes of it may be a reason that you have a try in it. Yet, the Likes on Facebook is an arguable indicator of the quality and popularity of the game. For those attracted to play by it, you will soon find out the trick of exchanging Likes for free Diamonds in the game. Currently, it has 80,000 or so users, which is not a bad result after a new comer in the saturated market.

Castle Town Screenshots:

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2 Comments on Castle Town


  1. chantale says:

    no bricks in the throne room when are they going to grow back in castle town

  2. They wont they deleted the game it is no longer there anymore



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