Champs: Battlegrounds

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Champs: Battlegrounds is a free, fast and fun multiplayer gaming experience that brings the intense real-time combat and strategic squad-based battles together on smartphones and tablets. Players in the game will create their own squad made of hand-picked Champs and engage in head-to-head battles in the story-driven campaign or against other players in real time.

Champs: Battlegrounds

Champs: Battlegrounds is easy-to-learn but with great strategic depths as players make different squad combinations, manage each individual champs and balance powerful attacks and spells in real-time battles. From Acolyte and Archer to Engineer and Knight, there are dozens of Champs with unique and racial abilities to fit their individual play style. With a powerful and strategic team at disposal, players can either try out or refine their strategies in the Campaign or directly join a battle promptly against a random opponent of similar level matched by the system.

Champs: Battlegrounds supports cross-platform play over tablets and mobile devices. It will come out this summer as a free download.

Key Features:

  • Build an army of Champs from the ground up with a vast array of choices
  • Take on opponents in real-time, fast-paced combat without waiting for turns
  • Engage in session-based combat that’s fluid and intuitive as you manage your squad and spend your Champs’ energy by choosing the right skills and abilities in the tactical battlegrounds
  • Pick up and play, and reach to the strategic depth that satisfies even the most hardcore players
  • Undertake the extensive campaign mode, join a quick match against a random opponent at a similar skill level, or challenge a friend for a steady stream of competition
  • Free-to-play