Chaos Rage S8 Dellingr Is Coming!

TIME : 16th Oct 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Boyojoy Team is glade to announce their upcoming Server 8 named Dellingr to their latest MMORPG Chaos Rage. With the opening, the operators will hold a series of events and also offer great bonuses for players in terms of character progression and mount level-up. Interested players can get more details below after the cut.

Chaos Rage_logo

Press Release:

We proudly present to you our blockbuster game of the year – Chaos Rage,which is a flash-based MMORPG & SLG boasting stunning visual effects. It adds elements of hero nurturing and city building construction to a full-blown turn-based system. The background story centers around Norse Mythology and puts players back to the chaotic and heroic times of Ragnarok.

In our brand new server, we offer you tons of awesome events and fantastic bonuses that are more than enough to make you jump out of your chair and chant Hallelujah! You won’t need to worry about your empty inventory anymore: a dazzling combination of super items and recharge bonuses will significantly reduce your budget, and you can even be awarded with incredible bonuses by just leveling up your character or nurturing mount!

Your wildest fantasies will be realized: Commanding a force of gods and fighting the legendary evil with your epic sword! The world is on the verge of collapsing, and you shalt shed light on the darkened and hopeless world. What are you waiting for? Come and join us in this world-saving adventure and let mortals sing your fame! S8 Dellingr is expecting your participation.

Free to Play Now:

About us
Boyojoy, is an active and evergrowing browser game developer & publisher. Boyojoy has its won several awards and recognition worldwide. We have been selected in GameStop Partner list during ChinaJoy 2012. Boyojoy has published several web games of worldwide popularity and thrilling success like Call of Gods, Chaos Rage, Glory of Gods, Clash of Olympus, Aero War, etc.