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Checkmate Online, or known as just Checkmate, is the newest browser-based strategy MMO from Koramgame, the China-based developer behind titles such as Spirit Tales and Dragon Born. Set in the WWII background, Checkmate has drawn much inspiration from the authentic, historical battlegrounds, and incorporated into gameplay historical figures like the Desert Fox Rommel and charismatic Patton, authentic weapons and vehicles used in the WWII battleground, and famous campaigns like Belorussian Offensive and Battle of Moscow. WWII battleground is restored; only this time, you will take command of the army and create history in it.


Checkmate is coming soon. And the beta sign-up is live now at the official site.

Update: Checkmate has entered Closed Beta.For more info, please read the Checkmate review (CBT) or directly grap a key here to play.