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In the Ville world conjured up by Znyga, you’ve probably owned a dream city, an idyllic farm and an ancient castle. Now it’s time to set foot in a new field – be a chef and run a restaurant in the upcoming ChefVille.


Around food, the universal concern, comes the culinary event. In ChefVille, you step into the role of a chef, who designs the ideal kitchen and serve patrons with delicious dishes. Tuscan eatery, country cookshop, or 50’s diner – whatever is your dream restaurant is available in the game. You can personalize your restaurant, develop it with new equipment, and better the services you offer.

Social elements are, as usual, heavyweight in gameplay. You need to share and trade fresh ingredients with friends, pay visits to others’ restaurants and taste their food (with certain ingredients in return perhaps), offer VIP services such as violin performance for guests, and earn rave reviews from friends for bonus rewards.

To compensate the virtual life of a chef, it implements recipes of real chefs. If you happen to be a cooking fan in reality, you will be happy at the news that you can get real recipes – 50 recipes at the outset from Znyga’s own in-house chef – in your inbox by playing. Such a clever move can work well to inspire more cooking fans to learn virtual skills while ending as a better cook in reality. Whether you can find celebrity chefs or restaurants in it is not confirmed, but possible.

ChefVille whets our appetite but keeps us waiting, just as in a real restaurant. Still in development, it needs more time to release.