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CityVille 2

CityVille 2
  • Release Date: Nov. 2012
  • Publisher: Zynga
  • Developer: Zynga
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Official Site

Draw a blueprint for the new city, Mayor. You are entrusted the growth of a fledging town and you are responsible for all kinds of issues in its development. Increase the population, expand its squares, create robust economy, prepare for emergency and combat crimes – with so many tasks ahead, you really don’t much time to waste. Take office and action in CityVille 2.

Cityville 2

As you come to the city you are taking over, Governor Maxley greets and gives you a tour introducing the basic affairs – build houses to generate population as potential shoppers, send shoppers to prompt business, collect coins from business, get builders and citizens from traveling cars, and, OH, send firefighters to put out of the fire set on the Mayoral Estate by criminal.

Tour closed, real job starts. If you’ve been mayor of Cityville, you will get hang of what need to be done here pretty quickly. The core of gameplay is basically the same. You build various houses, businesses, industries, decorations and roads on the available land with specific functions, and click around to keep the town ongoing and shiny things popping out, make adjustment on the layout with or without purpose at will, and grow the city bigger with expansion. But you will also notice the difference or improvement or uniqueness of this new city.

The entire city is prettier teeming with more detailed buildings in 3D. You can toggle the camera in five angels to get view of the city, and enjoy the night view if you want. If you play long enough, the city sometimes enters the night mode automatically, which can be switched to and from day mode at will as well. At night, the city is lit up by lights out of the buildings, street lambs and the various running cars on the street. It’s quite a vivid and quiet scene as if seen out of the windows of a high-level building in real life.

And it also implements sort-of mini-game style into the clicking-around mechanics. In the city, you will click on almost every buildings you construct to fulfill its purpose: click houses to send out shoppers, click businesses to either advertise or collect profits, click workshops to craft or gather items, and so on and so forth. But with every click, you can see a bar with a blue area show up and you can earn extra bonuses by another clicking to make the sliding marker stop in the blue area. Each success on spotting at the blue area will give out extra reward and meanwhile charges up a Bonus meter which once fulfilled activates a kind of cheering state giving great bonus package in the next four collection. Besides, consecutive success rewards with extra coins, energy, items or other rewards as well. Such an addition won’t change the nature of gameplay, but keeps you busy while offering something else other than clicking.

Among the growth of the city, you will also continue to pursue the unsolved case given to you in the very beginning. No worries. Two cops will do their jobs searching evidence and investigating suspects. The plot will gradually introduce more cast of characters and lead to the expansion to adjacent lands.

If you have a big plan for your city, you also need to take time to realize your design. You have limited Energy, the old constraint of your play time at one sit. While it’s not a problem in the starting levels, the lack of energy will quickly emerge as the major factor slowing down your step: not only is the city growing bigger, so is the XP bar that needs to be filled getting you to next level (with a full refill of energy). You can ask friends or spend Gold Keys (the hard currency) to gain energy, and a lot more objects you can’t get otherwise.

Cityville 2 is in the same vein of the original Cityville, but with a twist in many aspects to be a brand new title. It is a sequel built on the success of its predecessor, yet it remains an open question whether it can surpass as a competitor.

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