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  • Release Date: Feb. 25, 2014 (CBT)
  • Publisher: Gogogogo.com
  • Developer:
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

ClanCraft is a new free-to-play cartoonish fantasy MMORPG featured with strategic turn-based battles. The game takes place in a land called Dios, a place that is blessed with varying terrains and creatures by the Goddess Naya. But the dark force stirred up monsters to rebellion rendering the once peaceful land into a warring state. As wards of the Goddess, players will recruit a group of fighters, unique with battle skills and style, to end the riot of Dios.

ClanCraft has casted off the second Closed Beta Test since Feb. 25, 2014, opening the world of Dios to testers. The contents below are based on the first impression during CBT and the details may be subject to further improvement or change.

ClanCraft Screenshot

Simple yet Strategic Battles

ClanCraft is battle-oriented. After a brief introduction of the background, it thrusts you into the turn-based battles against NPC monsters on the solo campaign map. To join a fight, you first preview the line-up of monsters you are going to meet in battle, then select your battle formation and soldiers, and finally enter the 3-lane battlefield where you and your adversaries push forward towards each other from your own side.

When battle starts your soldiers will automatically move, attack, defend, evade, cast spells, fire cannons, heal or act other ways in their turns based on their own basic stats while drawing upon the bonuses of the selected battle formation. The side that first eliminates all units of the other wins receiving gold, exp and random units as rewards. Game rules are simple; due to the wide options of units, several battle formations and in-depth development of both, the battle goes tactical quickly.

Diverse Units & Enemies

You start off with only one soldier, the warrior type but can unlock and win a full cast of mercenaries at your command as you progress in the campaign map. In your exploration for conquest, you will meet an increasing number of enemies, with new and stronger ones coming continuously, from the basic ghouls (warrior) and undead (assassin) to spectre towers (cannon) and phantom banshee (mage) to the various big and tough minion bosses at the last pass of each zone.

Accordingly, you will unlock and get unique and powerful mercenaries capable of dealing with them. Berserker, archer, crossbowman, shield, cavalry, sage and on – each unit type possesses its unique abilities such as global attack, double strike in one turn, pierce power dealing extra damage to units at the back, and teleportation to attack enemies not in the same lane. Based on the foundational attributes, moreover, the various units also have counteractive relation among themselves, entailing the wise choice of battle units to the battle group to effectively suppress enemies.

Different Battle Formation

With the arrival of every new soldier, you have better chance of exploiting the potential of each formation. You can find different types of formations including the Normal, Defense, Agility and more to be revealed in ClanCraft, which give you specific bonuses like fast move and extra critical attack. You receive battle formations in the gems-supported refinement feature and can freely dispatch your units in one type before battle. Constant use in battle levels up formations unlocking more slots.

Rich Unit & Formation Enhancement

First, unit development. You level up your soldiers not by battle but via off-battle training. Not the usual time-based type, training in ClanCraft is more of sacrifice-based combination as seen most in card games. You will win a lot low-level warriors of the same class from campaign and you can use some as “materials” to upgrade your favorites. Besides, you also gain soldier fragments by winning in battles that can be used to forge the Blue soldiers, the strongest with higher basic stats.

As for formation, you can socket gems and experience stones to refine the battle formation so as to gain greater bonuses.

Tie-in Building & Resources

Whether it is refining battle formation or training units, it consumes resources. And resources come from buildings and mines. Construction of a base is not full-fledged but more of a tie-in feature. In your own land you construct four types of structures to harvest gold, wood, iron and cloth respectively, which are required in large amount to enhance your battle team.

ClanCraft is free-to-play with optional micro-transaction. Besides gold, there is also a premium currency that helps create a more comfortable experience. Instead of waiting for slow generation of resources, you can directly purchase them for the Crystal. Also it gets you precious gems and stamina.

Social Interaction

You can make and add friends in ClanCraft and then visit their lands. When visiting a friend’s, you can click his/her Goddess Totem there to infuse magic into it. That act benefits you both, recovering your stamina (required in exploration in the solo campaign) a little bit while rewarding your friend with resources.


During the current CBT, ClanCraft opens its land of Dios allowing you to conquer stages in the multiple zones with varying terrains, monsters and bosses. Battle is strategic and satisfactory for mid-core players with its rich soldiers, mobs and battle formations, while the diverse methods of enhancement make a fair role-playing and simulation experience. Still in beta version, ClanCraft doesn’t reveal any of its multiplayer contents. But it’s highly probable that there will be PvP features at launch and the overall development is on the right track.

ClanCraft is now running its 2nd CBT. If interested, just register at gogogogo.com and take an early look at it. The date of this phase will be wiped, though.

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