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Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest is an action-packed strategy game designed for mobile and social platforms. A new sky-pirates take on the tower offense genre, Cloud Raiders pits players against a rich variety of enemies in fast-paced and strategic battle for sky conquest.

Cloud Raiders

In a world filled with floating island strongholds players will fortify and defend their own holdings while conquer other commanders’ for loot and honor. Build and battle are the major themes here. Time and resources make the essence of island construction while action and tactics set the battle tone.

Players in the game will build a wide collection of buildings that cover resources, army training and research to develop their own island and keep it safe with anything from cannons to magic artifacts to traps. Synchronizing with the growth of strongholds, battles in both solo campaign and multiplayer competition start. Players will send army of soldiers, rich in variety and strength, to defeat the massive monsters and big bosses or raid other commanders for loot and top rank in leader board. At the same time they have to prepare for the invasion, either from revenging mobs or the raiding party of real-player adversaries, from time to time driving out the attacking forces out of their realm.

Cloud Raiders – Key Game Features:

  • Build a beautiful and impregnable island with the diverse options from resource buildings and military camps to cannons and traps
  • Forge a strong army recruiting, training and upgrading different units blessed with special abilities and advantages over specific barriers or cannons
  • Fight fast and tactical battles raiding enemy islands or defending your own in both single-player and multiplayer campaigns
  • Interact with other players via the clan feature and leader board system

Cloud Raiders is created by innoWate that brought you the popular My Country games. The release schedule for the game is not announced yet but it will come out first for Android with other mobile and social platforms like iOS, Facebook and Windows 8 being the next.

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