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Color Cross Online is a fun free-to-play logic puzzle game with some sandbox elements. A brain-training title, the game offers an immersive gameplay that is easy to pick up but challenging to master. To unearth some treasure, to challenge another player to a quick duel, or to create your own puzzle grid – a rich variety of options are all available in Color Cross Online.

Color Cross Online

Color Cross Online starts with a helpful tutorial that explains the basic rules in 9 steps. The aim of the game is fill a grid, or a canvas in the game, with the right color for each cell, using the numbers at the left side and on the top of the grid, each showing the number of the current color cells to fill horizontally and vertically respectively. And always leave at least one square between two numbers. Based on these rules, you can calculate and color the grid with the correct colors as quickly as you can. There are also some tools and Power-ups you can use to solve a puzzle: rule out squares with Cross, paint the squares with Brush, select a column/row to color in a certain color, color a chosen area and even complete instantly the puzzle to win!

You will pass a ten-level beginner’s Course, simple and small-sized practices, before you reach the full game. Over the major interface, you will get an overview of contents (partially locked in grey) the game has to offer. Playing the available will soon unlock the rest. Once you arrive at experience level 7, you will gain access to all of them. All around the puzzle-solving grids, Color Cross provides an amazing variety of game modes as such:

  • The Treasure Hunt:

It’s a major mode you can explore a large map to unearth hidden treasures including Paints (used to play matches), luck tickets (to turn on the slot machine), additional quests (required to purchase otherwise) and Power-ups. The map looks like a lily, on which you can click to magnify an area and pick a question mark-marked area to open a puzzle. When you solve a puzzle, you can turn the tile upside down to collect your found treasure or nothing – it’s pure luck. If lucky, you will harvest the aforementioned rewards (some useful in other modes) or even enormous ones like the Jackpot and the Nibble. One paint for one play.

  • The Collections:

In this mode, each puzzle is not just random colors, but reveals an animal, a character or an item once you complete it. Before playing, you will choose from four Categories (so far) – Animals, Patchwork, Household and Sports & Leisure – each in turn containing a series of different themes, such as candy, fashion and pirate for Patchwork and Africa, Oceania and NA for Animals.

This mode offers dozens of differently sized puzzles and series of images to collect. It’s interesting but not completely free-to-play. Only couples of random puzzles are playable for free. If you want more, you need to purchase the whole category for 150 Kokos, the virtual currency worth 1.5£ /1.98$, and the whole themes for 1,000 Kokos.

  • The Duel:

It’s real-time competition against other players. Create a room and then wait until a challenger, or simply join another’s room for a quick match. Whoever completes the puzzle first wins, rewarded with EXP, paints and collection items; while the loser only gets EXP. This mode requires 3 paints to play each and only open to players at and above Lv. 7.

  • The Sandbox:

Unleash your muse creating your own puzzles, or interact with other players by enjoying their creations here. It’s simple to make a puzzle: Choose a name to illustrate with a drawing. If players who complete your puzzle and find the word you are illustrating with the picture, you earn prizes. It’s the same when you playing others’ puzzles.

  • Today’s Puzzle:

There is only one free puzzle every day for you to compete for free paint, with extra rewards if you manage to rank top 10.

Besides, there is also a quest system in the game that serves another way of earning EXP. But it’s quite limited with only 3 free new quests available every day. If you want to accept more quests, you can either win them (in small amount) when you happen to find “additional quest” in Hunt Treasure or simply purchase them with in-game currency, 20 Kokos for one quest.

To conclude, Color Cross Online is refreshing and fun. It creates many interesting matches based on simple grids and a large collection of pixel-styled images with several colors. In addition, the sandbox feature offers the pleasure of creation. It’s really a great game puzzle fans won’t want to miss.

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