Colosseum Defense

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Colosseum Defense, a free-to-play casual defensive shooter, is newly launched on the App Store, adding a new entry to the Colosseum franchise that already has hack-n-slash Colosseum and Colosseum Heroes.

A tower defense title, the game pits players against incoming waves of enemies that threaten the castle. To achieve this goal, players can equip up to 3 weapons, select weapon abilities to best fit their play style, and use Magic to unleash great power that may eliminate all enemies on the field. With distinct progression by leveling up, players can unlock more powerful weapons, upgrade the castle and change the looks of their avatar.

Colosseum Defense


  • Touch the screen to attack the waves of enemy monsters that threaten your Castle!
  • Unlock powerful weapons with unique abilities to help in damage output, crowd control, and slowing enemy movement!
  • Upgrade your Castle Defense Weapons to hold off the horde and keep them at a distance!
  • Take control of the battle by unleashing powerful magic to devastate all enemies on the map and stop them in their tracks!
  • Your progress into new environments and castle upgrades are updated real time to display your achievements in the game interface!