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Conclave is a new tabletop-inspired online RPG that brings the tactical turn-based combat and story-driven decision-making of tabletop RPG to the web browser. Set in a fantasy setting, the game takes place in the world of Kin where dark magic and fierce monsters take over the wide world and force the five races of the land into the titular Conclave. Players will help the five races to take back the land by venturing out into the wide world, solo or within a group.


Reminiscent of the tabletop RPG, Conclave sends players into old-time story-driven adventure where players’ decisions always result in consequences and cast great effects on the overall story. Players can move on solo or cooperatively with up to three friends; and in co-op mode, they can play synchronously in real time or take their turns at leisure asynchronously.

Conclave is not a completely free-to-play title. It offers the first 10 adventures for free for players to try out the game before they decide whether to purchase the full campaign that includes another 15 adventures to make a complete story. And the game can be played on PC, tablet and smartphone including both iOS and Android devices.

Key Features:

  • A digital makeover of the classic decision-making of tabletop RPG
  • Solo and Co-op play with automatic scaling based on party size
  • Synchronous and asynchronous gameplay to suit your play style
  • Tactical turn-based combat on battle maps featuring varied foes, terrain and traps
  • Five original races and five customizable character archetypes
  • Over 100 unique abilities to choose from at level-up
  • Easy accessibility on multi-platform