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Cook Hero

Cook Hero
  • Release Date: Dec. 2012
  • Publisher: RapaZapp Interactive Studios
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Cook Hero is a fun match-3 puzzle with a culinary theme on Facebook. An entertaining experience, the game has smashed up proven concepts like Bejeweled, Tetris and Abalone under a new skin creating a special flavor. Come to the kitchen, match various ingredients and unlock real-life recipes from different countries worldwide.

A match-3 puzzler in the core, Cook Hero plays just like any number of games of this kind out there. You match three or more same-colored ingredients on the board to eliminate them while scoring. If you can manage to make better matches, such as a T- or L-shaped match or five- or six-tiles of match, you gain special tiles, all in kitchen style, like steaming pot, knife, flame, toaster or mixer, etc. These tiles once matched will cause particular effect to help you score higher – steaming pots evaporate all tiles of a chosen ingredient on the board; knifes cut off a whole volume or line; toasters burn off three volumes at once; and mixers can absorb all ingredients on board and then rearrange them. And you can also combine two special tiles to create greater effects that may eliminate the entire board.

Cook Hero

Each match is objective-oriented. You may need to score certain points, remove all the ice, or collect x number of things like spice using your limited moves. Cook Hero is with fair variety. Not only are there different goals to reach, the in-game board varies one from another in shape and design, and the tiles that fill in the blank may come from any of the four directions of the board.

Another interesting integration to the game is the real-life recipes as reward as you finish levels and win stars. When you finish the specific goal of a level using the limited moves, you can win score and fill in the Star meter. Once a milestone is reached in the meter, you can unlock a real-life recipe which starts from the easy dishes like Sardine Stuffed Pepper to more complex cuisines worldwide. It can be a inventive for cooking fans, but it can be more considerate if the recipe can be directly download or sent to a email like in ChefVille.

Cook Hero follows the usual limitation pattern. It offers 5 free lives that will be lost by failing to pass levels and can be refilled over time. When you run out of lives, you also have the optional of asking friends for them or directly purchased them with Facebook credits. And the social interaction falls into the familiar leaderboard and gifting category.

Cook Hero on the whole is solid and simulating with its old-same additive match-3 play and nice touch in integration of real-life recipes and fair variety. The only complaint is that, alas, it doesn’t bring anything new or innovative to this crowded genre.

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  1. Sherrie says:

    I need help in passing the 17000 in 180 seconds I have been on this board forever lol



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