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Cooking Dash is a stylish restaurant managerial simulation game from the PlayFirst, the creator that made a series of Dash games including Diner Dash, Hotel Dash and Wedding Dash. In the latest Cooking Dash you will help Flo to run the DinerTown restaurants. Cook, Seat and Service!

Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash offers fast-paced fun best suitable for players on the go to kill boredom. With simple touchscreen controls, you will tap and slide to help Flo prepare differently flavored cuisines of various countries from Japan to Italy for customers and keep them happy and satisfied with fast and good service to win tips. Being fast and effective is important to win love from quirky customers and it is equally important to decorate the restaurant with tasteful items and quality appliances.

Cooking Dash is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It offers a free version where you can play the favorite Potsticker Palace restaurant for free and get access to the basics. If you love it, you can always upgrade to get the full Deluxe version (for $1.99) within the game running five other gourmet restaurants and cooking more diverse cuisines.