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Core Blaze is an upcoming free fantasy MMORPG against the setting of eastern mythology. To compete in the saturated MMO market, this game has added many twists to overhaul the traditional gameplay. Dynamic questing system influenced by multiple factors from weather to time of day to map environment, great freedom in selecting and switching weapons, discovery-infused exploration and much more – all combine to make Core Blaze stand out.

Core Blaze

Hack-n-slash is the core of the game. Players can choose from four character archetypes (with the create-your-own option promised to come) and enjoy a high degree of freedom in selection of four types of weapons (Sword&Shield, Great Sword, Dual Blade and Long Bow) that can be switched in-between prior to a battle. Engage in fast-paced combat and develop and horn skills by using them. Since the game is mainly team-based, co-op and team strategy are definitely unavoidable.

While in-game combat remains the most exciting portion of gameplay, Core Blaze is also directed great attention to the exploration and quests. It is designed with a dynamic and complex questing system, in which players can get quite different gaming experiences subject to the co-effects of several factors. A new quest line can be created, entailing the corresponding consequences, even when players enter the same map at different levels, at a different time of the day or under varied weather conditions.

Players can accept standard quests offered by NPCs in town, and more interestingly, they can also chance upon special missions from NPCs that can only be discovered in certain path. Intricately, in-game map is designed with so many zig-zags and criss-crosses that players may get lost if without marking the trekked paths. Moreover, observant players are rewarded with greater fun in discovery, due to the careful setup of secrets around. A hidden path down a seemingly deadlock cliff, a ladder to reach a high position that is otherwise untouchable, or an accessible trail revealed only after all monsters around are defeated – all these are cleverly embedded into the gaming environment, ready to give way to sharp eyes temporarily in dilemma.

Besides dungeons, the game also brings forth the world event that requires players party together to live up to challenges. When an event takes place, all players in the area are involved and expected to fight cooperatively for the common mission. Similar to instances, players will first take on minor monsters and then face the rage of a boss finally, winning to get rewards or losing to see the environment of the area change with items in nearby villages no longer available.

Unreal Engine 3 has rendered the in-game graphics and specially implemented weather effects in an awesome manner, and delivered the action-packed combat quite smoothly. Core Blaze was announced early in 2010, showcased in Taipei once, and then taken to E3, 2012 a few days ago. Yet, the final release date is to confirm. Hopefully, it is to launch in the second half of 2012.