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Core Masters

Core Masters
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: Soft Bigbang
  • Genre: Action
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Core Masters is a new AOS-style arena-base action game being developed by Korea-based Soft Bigbang. The game features 25 different characters (for the first beta) and a series of different game modes that offer both PvP and PvE fun.

Core Masters

The general objective of Core Masters is players competing to acquire the preset number of Cores to win either by destroying the renewable Core Structures or killing rival players. It offers the usual 4vs.4 PvP core match, but also introduces PvE-oriented gaming modes at the meantime. Players can try the 4-player co-op, battle against AIs, or participate in the Free-for-All mode for the first time in this type of game.

Core Master is slated to launch the first CBT in December this year, in South Korea only for now.

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