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Crash Drive 2 is an addictive free-roaming style multiplayer racing game. As the sequel to the successful Crash Drive which won over 30 million players on mobile and web, Crash Drive 2 launches with more exciting features while maintaining the immersive sandbox free-roam of the original.

Crash Drive 2

In Crash Drive 2 you start out with a basic vehicle, driving with high speed and skill across vast maps and competing against many other racers to achieve the specific goal of the randomly entered event. The greatly designed maps are of great challenge and fun. They will be a varying array of designs including ramps, hoops, secretive areas, bizarre landscapes and many event-related objects like coins, nitros and rings. While you try to beat the many opponents you can use these various items and designs to your winning or to opponents’ waterloo.

The game offers 6 types of random events: Coin Collect, Race, Stunt and Find the Ring are what old Crash Drive fans are familiar with, while Tag and King of the Crown are brand new introduction for some fresh experience and competition. By scoring points in the diverse races, you can gradually unlock new drives (30 unique ones in total) and level up your old ones for better configuration. Instead of upgrading a car as an entirety traditionally, you need to put more efforts into it by leveling up every part via using them.

On top of new additions, the new multiplayer mode is the greatest improvement over the original game. The active interaction and competition with other players spicy up the already fun game. Moreover, it supports cross-platform challenge. With the large base of players from Mac, Window, Linux, Web, Android and iOS, you can always find some opponents to play with. One complaint here, though, is that multiplayer puts a higher demand on your device, as it is disabled on older devices including the iPhone and iPod 4.

With the diverse free racing events, vast and distinct maps and wonderful graphics & sound tracks, Crash Drive 2 is simply immersive. If you ever tried the original, you will know the addiction; and if you don’t, you can start now with the improved sequel.

Crash Drive 2 is free-to-play and available in 7 languages.

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