Crazy Pirate King

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Crazy Pirate King is a free-to-play full 3D mobile shooter with the classic pirate theme. Set in the Age of sail, the game revolves around the adventurous life pirates lead as they fight to save their beloved princess, destroy skull pirate legion in search for the trace of the legendary Golden pirate king and capture his countless treasures to the next Pirate King.

Crazy Pirate King

Key Features:

  • A fully animated game supported by powerful 3D engine technology and filled with quirky sense of humor
  • Travel across 7 fairytale worlds rendered with great visual and audio effects
  • Enjoy the hilarious combat by shooting enemies with fancy weapons from plungers and batteries to spanners and ninja darts
  • Gather over 20 different magical cards and summon helpers from gods to cows to deal damage
  • Encounter the cute and funny skull pirates that can put on expressive faces and motions and even dance Gangnan style
  • Expect more contents including new scenes, weapons, cards and endless missions