Crazy Wheel Rider

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Crazy Wheel Rider is a fast-paced and funny adventure iOS game with exciting challenge through many levels. The game stars Mr. Squeaky, a flying squirrel chased down by the wheel after he removed its main axle pin. Now the squirrel has to run for his life in a funny joyride flight in the world.

Crazy Wheel Rider

Players in the game control the fast squirrel and help him stay alive by jumping from one wheel to another. Keep a good timing about the jumping, gather different power-ups along the way, pick up speed, manage smooth landings and try to outrun the great wheel chasing behind.

The game control is simple with one-finger touch while the levels are challenging putting the quick action and timely control into tests. As you dash forward from wheel to wheel, you can experience the smooth action and enjoy the ever-changing landscapes in different themes and random layout. Grab power-ups for boost and earn achievements to brag. Who can be the fastest squirrel in the Game Center Leaderboard?

Crazy Wheel Rider costs a small price of $0.99 and available in six languages for both iPhone and iPad.

Game Features:

  • Challenge your quick action and timing in the wonderful and challenging joyride flight
  • Gather a variety of power-ups to pick up speed and multiple scores
  • Control the smooth action with one-finger touch control
  • Enjoy the beautifully drawn levels with ever-changing, random layout and varied landscapes
  • Earn over 40 achievements and compete with friends for higher rank in the leaderboard
  • Expect more exciting features updated every month