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Createrria – craft your games

By Incuvo

Createrria – craft your games
  • Release Date: Dec 05, 2013
  • Version:
  • Size:

Createrria – now you can CREATE YOUR OWN AWESOME GAMES in minutes, share with friends and become famous! No technical skills required, just your imagination! You need to try to believe it!


Createrria turns making games into a game itself! Become famous Game Designer and create games you always wanted to play! Want to tell a story? Create awesome action game? Clever puzzler or platformer? Createrria offers you quick and super easy (no tech skills required!) game creation ready to kick-start your imagination. With just a few taps you can craft your own games and share with your friends! Createrria is powered by strong community platform allowing you to publish amazing stuff for your friends to play – or simply play and rate all the great games created by other gamers around the world. Jump in to start playing and creating games!

Createrria b

Createrria offers you several great, unique graphic styles to choose from. Are you a fan of all these great retro games from 8-bit age of games? Use Pixel Art Theme to make your games look and feel retro!

How about grim fairy tale with a twist? Dark colors, stage-like setting with all the decorations made of paper, cardboard and foil – Fable Theme is waiting for you!

Fan of crazy Japanese cartoons? Do not hesitate and choose Smooth Theme.

For initial release there is also colorful Candy Theme for those who love cute looking games.

So is it retro arcade? Twisted fairy-tale? Indie cartoon? Choose whatever you like! Each graphic style comes with its own set of backgrounds, terrains, items and enemies.

Craft your game 

Do you want your game to be a platformer? Simply paint the level with your finger, place all the contraptions, collectibles and enemies wherever you want and start jumping!

Would you like to create your own ‘annoyed fowl’ – you know;) – game? There is this stunt-bear ready to be fired from a slingshot. Build stunning constructions out of stone, wood, glass and other stuff and let your players demolish it!

Thinking outside the box? Try crafting something completely new. Use various items and 2d physics sandbox to invent a completely new game and become a Createrria Legend!

Createrria – Game features:

•Level painting. 

Paint level with your fingers – simply swipe your finger to paint terrain for your next great game!

•Graphics themes. 

Four great looking, distinct graphic themes (Pixel, Shadow, Smooth and Candy)

•Different mechanics.

Craft your game – create platformers, aim-and-shoot games, Rube Goldberg style contraptions – or simply mix everything to make something completely new with Createrria 2D sandbox


Choose your amazing avatar. Feeling a bit Zombie today? Love block pixels? How about ginger cookies and cowboys? There is something for you!

•Creator community. 

Just one tap and your game will be published to worldwide Createrria community and Facebook. Your friends will play, like and comment your games, and you can play theirs. It’s like youtube for games!


Dozens of building blocks ready for your creativity. Terrain, blocks, decors, collectibles, enemies, various machines, teleports, doors and much, much more!

•Share creation and play videos. 

Just beat the score? Had an epic fail? Created best game ever? Share video of your creation or play on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! You can also add commentary for your fans.

•Facebook integration. 

Log in with your Facebook account to share your creations with Facebook friends

Critically Acclaimed:

  • Selected into Game Connection Europe 2012 Best of show finals!
  • Second Place at PitchForce May 2013 event @ Runaway accelerator in San Francisco
  • Selected for Indie Prize Showcase 2013 in San Francisco

Createrria – Game Info:

  • Free
  • Released: Dec 05, 2013
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Size: 115 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Incuvo sp. z o. o.
  • © 2013 Incuvo Sp. z o.o.

Rated 4+

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