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Criminal Case is a free and fun hidden object game that has been in Facebook for a while and well-received. The game combines the grim criminal scenes and case-solving puzzles into the basic mechanic of hidden object games, creating an entertaining experience different from the usual fantasy or ghost themes in this genre.

You will act as a police officer whose task is to investigate various criminal scenes, collect and analyze clues and evidence, and finally arrest the criminal. There is not one major case to thread the entire gameplay. Instead, you will look into one case after another, like different episodes in TV series like Criminal Minds, in which you unlock several scenes to get your job done.

Criminal Case

Searching for hidden objects follows the conventional pattern, but with some noticeable differences though. You need to find the required list of items as fast as possible, optional hints available, and after completion you get a score based on speed, hint and combo to fill the star meter. You won’t fail to notice the unique aesthetics of the in-game scenes from your first play. Grim and bloody, the scenes usually contain the victim’s body or part of it and sometimes the blood-soaked weapons or clothes. The unique graphics and presentation of scenes is one of the most important features that set it apart from the crowd.

Once you complete a scene, you will process a lot of alternative investigation. The found body or body parts will be sent to the lab for autopsy, which help identify the victim and gather information about the death. Some items gathered in the scene will be analyzed or examined using forensic kit, or directly, consuming Stars won by playing scenes, for further clues. So, you will play one scene more than once with the major objective of winning more stars as well as finding more clues.

The analysis in the lab sometimes goes on in the form of mini-games. Sometimes, you need to piece up an item of clothing, simply move piled items away to unveil the clues in the bottom, or re-assort the jumbled tiles to piece up the right picture. This kind of puzzles consumes stars but rewards you with some energy points, and it adds certain variety to the gameplay.

To speak of the Energy, it’s the pace-setter. You need 20 points of energy to play a scene and you run out of them quickly since you have a cap of 110 points. Although some mini-games refill six or seven points for you, you will find yourself come to forced halt quickly and have to wait for the slow recharge over time, if you don’t want to spend real money. Due to the energy system, the game is slow paced and restrained to several minutes’ free play at one sitting.

Criminal Case has well-drawn scenes with a surprisingly grim aesthetics and features solid gameplay with crime-solving stimuli. If you don’t mind the slow pace, this is an immersive hidden objective game with a lot of fun.

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