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Critter Conquest is a beautiful and tactical Tower Offense game from Clipwire Games. It is in the same vein with the hit Clash of Clans featuring a hybrid combination of kingdom building simulation with strategic tower defense-inspired battles but approaches the genre with a different Critter theme and some nice twists never seen before.

In Critter Conquest you become the new ruler of a Critter Kingdom and take responsibility of the development and defense of your land. Resource, Defense and Battle are the three pillars that support balanced and versatile gameplay. Tow foxes, one civilian and one fighter, will advise you growing your village peacefully and going to war looting resources respectively from the start through to the end and offer corresponding quests all the way to help you to grow and make progress.

Critter Conquest

Like a classic RTS game resources are the fundament for all. You need to Lumber and Juice, the two resources that can be harvested in the built facilities, looted in the battle and expended in the construction of builder’s huts, walls, towers, storage buildings, decorative items, drop ships, trapping sets and all other facilities in the game. Compared with most strategy games, Critter Conquest really simplifies the resource management and renders the base building in a concise and effective style. And building troops (as well as towers) is as simplified leaving off the endless re-training.

Instead of building barracks you will erect 8 Statues to permanently summon soldiers. And the established pattern that sent soldiers never return is broken, too; so is the constant training. Once you have the very statue built in the base you needn’t to train units but can directly send that type of units in every battle. It saved a lot waiting time and tons of resources and is really a welcomed change. The army number is no longer a restrainer, but that doesn’t mean there is no pace-setter. You need to expend tokens, rewarded in victory occasionally and recharged automatically over time, to fight battles and you can only send as many troops as the Drop Ship allows. Certainly, you can level up your drop ship to expand your army.

It is really inexpensive and easy to construct all 8 Statues and gain access to up to 8 soldier types- Fighter, Slinger, Bomber, Brute, Air Strike, Ent, Collector and Wall Destroyer in the game. Each unit consumes certain Juice to be summoned to the battlefield and can be especially useful and strong against specific types of the overall 6 towers. Strategy just comes from the strength and weakness between towers and soldiers. The Coconut Cannon, for instance, is mainly targeted the strongest unit and especially strong against the Brute, Collector and Wall Destroyer but weak in front of Fighter, Air Striker and Slinger; and the Grape Gun is effective to eliminate the strongest flying units, the Air Striker and Bomber, but vulnerable when attacked by all ground soldiers.

All towers share three basic stats that display their own hit points, hit damage and armor damage and differ from each other in the attack range, splash range and preferred target. You need to learn the basic vs. relations first and then select the suitable soldiers to attack in the right starting point based on the defense of the enemy camp to strike to emerge victory in the battlefield. As you collapse the rival village, the progress is star-rated like in most games of this genre. One nice change here is that once you achieve a star you receive a random boost – a recovery of health for all living units, a bomb dropped out of the helicopter, extra reinforce units to join the fight and so on. These bonuses will further enhance your completion and encourage you to achieve three stars of a level.

The star-rating system is more than mere scoring but also plays a role in unlocking more levels. Now Critter Conquest has more than a hundred stages of the campaign in differently themed region. You need to complete all stages in one region and achieve required numbers of 3-star to unlock and proceed to the next. So replaying a level is perhaps inevitable for this purpose. Besides, you can attack other players’ kingdoms for resources and reputation and enjoy the ‘retaliatory’ interaction. Social interaction can be friendly as well – you can add friends and send them free resources, build the Friend Ship and use some friendly reinforcement in battles, and create or join a tribe for merrier play.

With competitive tit for tat it is needless to say how important it is to build up strong defense for your base. And tower building is just another example of concise and unique design. You will initially and solely build the Bean Blaster and then freely change it in 5s into any of the other five types of powers for 50 points of Juice. You can build more towers as the headquarters is upgraded and learn to build stronger defense in attack and defeat. Critter Conquest is free-to-play with optional micro-transaction. It is monetized mainly through Gems that are used to speed up ongoing projects, bring in more builders, and purchase exclusive ships for greater size of attackers and other advantage-giving items. The game is generous offering a hefty stipend of these gems in the beginning and rewarding you in completion of quests.

Critter Conquest is enjoyable and addictive with its stylish graphics and strategic tower defense-inspired battles. It is built on the established concepts set by Clash of Clans but adds some twists in the resource management, army and tower building and battles. The different towers and units offer deep but not overwhelming strategy to the gameplay. It is overall still a follower but plays a little different.

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