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Crusaders of Solaria is a side-scrolling brawler published by R2Games. This free-to-play browser game is set in a fantasy world where players battle demons and bosses in order to save the land of Solaria from evil. Its visual style features anime-style graphics, and the gameplay – which resembles beat-‘em-up arcade classics – is controlled using directional keys or mouse.


There are two character classes available: Knight and Mage, each with its own unique skills. Knights specialize in physical attacks, while Mages focus on spell casting. Each class has the ability to branch into a sub-class further into the game, with Chaos Knights and Paladins making their appearance alongside Frost Mages and Shadow Mages.

Players in Crusaders of Solaria are not alone in their quest – they can hire Mercenaries to aid them in battle and complement their strength with additional skills. They are also joined by Sprites, cute pets that add to a character’s stats.

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The game features several PvP systems as well as single- and multi-player PvE and dungeon events. Aside from normal dungeons, players can foray into elite dungeons and MP dungeons for a tougher challenge. Meanwhile, they can battle other players in the Arena and earn honor medals to redeem for different items.

The Shop is a place where players can purchase character-crafting items as well as vanity items such as outfits and unique weapons (choices include teapots, giant carrots and umbrellas). There are several types of currency that players can use to redeem for items; these include gold, war souls and honor medals.

Other systems in Crusaders of Solaria allow players to level up their characters by completing quests and using various upgrading systems. Equipment enchanting, item crafting and gem socketing are some of the ways characters can boost their stats. Other ways to upgrade attributes and battle rating include Titles, Emblems and Astral.

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