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Crush City is a new free-to-play match-3 puzzler that has landed on Facebook. Set in a sci-fi backdrop, the game depicts an Earth with ruined landscapes and casts players as humanity’s last hope to rebuild cities crushed by catastrophe, as they use their matching skills and machine-gun-like weapons to pass levels and unlock more maps. Click on 3 or more gems of the same color to break them, collect power and fuel, avoid blockades, survive long enough, and more – the game variety is plentiful. Be a hero in this fast-paced, fun match-3 puzzler.

Crush City Review:

Match-3 is a popular genre in the social, casual gaming market with its simple yet addictive mechanics. Now a new title in this category comes to the scene with a sci-fi set-up rarely seen in this field. That’s Crush City, which requests you to rebuild the Earth now in ruins by breaking tiles on board.

Not to swap adjacent titles, you just need to find clusters of at lest three gems of the same color and click to break them to score. Bigger matches reward a better score, which fill in a meter that can activate the machine-gun-like weapon for a boost. In the beginning, you just need to get a set of points or 1 star to pass a level. As you travel through levels, you will see a more diversified gameplay with different goals to meet and varied board shapes that increase the complexity of a level.

Crush City

The variety of the gameplay will reveal itself as you make progress on the map. It may ask you to break all the locks to escape, drop down atoms or barrels to collect, remove all the blockades by matching tiles around them, flood water channel or survive for a period. There will be a limitation in either the move you can use or the time, so every match is generally fast-paced. As diverse is the various power-ups and boosts, which can be purchased with earned coins or real world cash. Extra moves or seconds, multiplier in score, different bombs to eliminate gems within radius, activated weapons in the initial, helpers to rearrange tiles to put the same colored together, etc. – all the old same helps are available here.

Crush City is easy-to-learn as always and stays easy for a relatively long journey. As you clear levels and advance, you may expect to encounter the first challenge – you know for sure it will pop up at certain level – that is designed to make the value of Lives come home to you. In this game, you play and expect, then wonder and get bored a bit, and then feel intrigued again by your first failure around Lv. 45, the last few levels on the third map. That’s the watershed not only in difficulty but also in the freemium model.

There are 12 different maps available so far in the game, with the first three maps completely free. When you manage finish the third map, you need to either invite one friend or pay 20 USD to access the next map. And it’s also the choice for many of the further maps, only with increased number or price.  Besides, you can send and receive free gifts like power-ups and lives to/from friends. You have six lives in default. When you fail a level, you lose one life; when you drain them all, you can wait for the auto-refill, ask friends, or purchase directly.

Crush City is a conventional match-3 puzzler in the core despite the new sci-fi graphics. As a casual game, it prolongs the tutorial-like stage with too many easy levels that take out part of the fun; and then it adds some condition to free players when the interesting part begins to emerge. So the learning curve and game pace can be further tweaked. Overall, it’s solid but not new.

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