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Crystal Island

Crystal Island
  • Release Date: Feb. 18, 2014
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Match-3
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Crystal Island is a beautiful free arcade game available on Facebook for Match-3 fans. Set in a mysterious island, the game sees players play matches to collect antique amulets while progressing through levels to uncover the mysteries of a lost civilization.

Crystal Island starts with the adventure of two explorers who set off searching for the long lost empire of Polyhedra. Traveling in a plane but flown into a terrible storm, they had a hard land on the island where Polyhedra once flourished and met a professor trapped there. The three decided to work together to get off the island. The professor shared his knowledge of jewels and lent his monkey companion while the two adventurers explored to unveil the secrets hidden in the jewels. In such a background story, you help the three pass tons of levels, breaking crystals and collecting amulets towards their final goal.

Crystal Island

Crystal Island features 8 distinct maps of 160 stages so far (with more coming) to keep you entertained and challenged at once for hours. The match-3 mechanics is traditional and established in endless games of this type. You swap adjacent crystals and make matches of at least 3 jewels of the same color to break them. You have limited moves every level and strive to achieve the level objective, that is, bringing down the amulets or amulet pieces to the bottom while earning up to 3 stars.

During play you can create special jewels by making big matches. Four jewels in a match gets you a bomb; five in a line gives you a rainbow that once matched can eliminate all jewels of the same color; and five in a L-shape creates a star jewel that can be matched to clear a whole column and a row. Besides, skillful matches also charge up a weapon gauge beneath the foot of the monkey mentioned in the storyline that allows the monkey to throw a colorful ball hitting couples of jewels randomly to disappear them when it’s fully charged. Moreover, the monkey will do the same offering a final score boost if you still have moves left after reaching the game goal.

Game play gets more difficult as you progress with newly appeared barriers on the ever complicate play field. There will be icy cover, double-locked tile, unbreakable blocks and so on making appearance on the board, while the board per se also poses greater challenge with hallow design and random shapes for every play. Meanwhile, you gain access to more boosters to deal with the difficult levels. Use the ice pick to break a random icy cover or the key to unlock any chained jewel, apply TNT to blow up any jewel on the board or Swap to change positions of two tiles without making matches, or purchase and use the powerful Steal to directly get one piece of an amulet from the game. And there are also rainbow cube, extra moves, star bombs, etc. available to be purchased for coins earned by playing.

Crystal Island adopts the commonplace Life system. You have several lives to use and lose one when you fail a game; and you can wait for the auto recovery or skip waiting by direct purchase for real cash. But there is one unique setup here. The developers are generous giving out a 24 hours’ unlimited play, during which you can play as long as you can without the constraint of lives.

Crystal Island is overall a beautiful and solid match-3 puzzler built on the standard concepts of the genre. It is not bad choice for pastime. But if you are looking for something fresh or ground-breaking, it is simply not your game.

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