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Crystal Reign, formerly coded project Cog-a-lot, is an upcoming physics-based shooter game for the tablet devices. The game is described to mix the physics-based mechanics seen in Angry Birds and Worms and the shooting fun from like R-type together.

Crystal Reign takes place in a peculiar world where science and magic coexist and coexist in Crystals, the apple of discord. Century-old wars were fought over crystals and crystals in turn powered the war with the endless drones and mechanical bosses built of them which were known as the crystalline army. The war gulfed the land like wild fire but when everything was burnt out, the war subsided leaving behind a corruptive world, endless remnants of drones and loss at all sides. It seemed that peace finally arrived at the broken land. But the truth is the war is just dying ember that will be glowing again every 3.14 years because of the magic property of the crystals that will rise the war machines in an endless circle.

Crystal Reign

Another war is about to break out over crystals. This time you are no by-standers. As the guardian for the surviving people, you will occupy crystals rich areas, build your crystal-powered tower and fight your way forward against drones and through the big mechanical bosses finally.

Crystal Reign is a shoot-em-up game mixed with real-time strategy elements. There will be resource management and tower building mechanics as you build the tower from ground up, adding multiple layers that are armed with all kinds of siege weaponry and magical defenses like the drone-launching bomber, the Zap trap, and the catapults. Knock down the rising robot enemies in many levels of frantic combat and expand the ability and height of your tower to take on the epic bosses. There will be several different modes and varied difficulties available.

Crystal Reign is being developed by Criss Cross Games from Scotland and will be published by Hunted Cows Studios on iOS and Android platforms with a planned release in Q4 2013.