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Cyphers Online is a hit MOBA/AOS online game from Neople, which performs well to rank top ten in Korean gaming market. The game is built on the basis of established elements seen in most popular titles like Heroes of the Newerth and League of Legends, but it manages to stand out with its identity due to its own unique features in many aspects.

For those with past experience with MOBA titles, the in-game basic rules and patterns are easy to pick up. The main part of gameplay is still what you are familiar with: make a team and choose a hero from a selection of 16 characters (in the initial), destroy enemy towers and turrets and defeat opponent groups with teamwork. Above that, the game is set in a special third-person perspective, and thusly requires map aware and team coordination.

Another noticeable difference in the game is its special item-oriented leveling up system. You will start with a zero leveled character as well as some gold used for purchasing items. And the different items will increase certain attribute/value such as attack damage and moving speed while raising your character’s level at the same time. Gloves, armors, shoes, headgear and accessories, etc. of varied levels can be purchased to strengthen your hero and upgrade him. To get the money for items, you turn to the battlefield, killing monster creeps, destroying towers and so on. Also you need money to unlock new playable characters and buy booster packs as well as outfits.

Cyphers Online offers intense and immersive combats that can make you lost the sense of time. And it also provides other interesting systems to facilitate the gameplay. You can form or join a guild and have some fun with members, experience different types of characters and great possibility of character development, or pursue the long list of achievements for pride and money. On the whole it’s a must-play game worth recommendation without hesitate.