Darkfire Galaxies



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Darkfire Galaxies is an upcoming free-to-play tactical MMO with intense space battles. Against a sci-fi background, the game takes place in a vast and hostile galaxy, a new uninhabited home and a new battleground where human beings try to survive. Establish a base, build starships and become a legend in the galactic war!

Darkfire Galaxies

In Darkfire Galaxies players are human beings who relocate to the unforgiving universe and compete for limited resources for survival and the power. There they will fight two powerful enemy races, the Dragon and the Onith, in the space and meanwhile wage cutthroat wars against their human fellows.

Base, resources, commanders, battle fleet, researches, defense and tactical battles are included in this battle space online game and interwoven to bring deep strategies and mid-core challenges. Before all, the player needs to build a base for all operations in a planet, which involves the construction of all kinds of structures that support and expand the growth of the base, ships and capabilities. Resources will be generated, stored and used; battle ships will be built, equipped and assembled to the fleet; commanders will be unlocked, recruited and assigned to control specific fleet; and the defensive line will be set up in the orbit with turrets, cannons, decoys and missile batteries. Then, war is on.

The battle against NPC enemies in the campaign is a practice field for warm-up where players can learn the first rope of their fleets, ship configurations, commander abilities and mechanics of the turn-based battle. The deep strategies here are what make this game vigorous and they are from several dimensions before and in the middle of a battle. Before the fray, players can make their tactical plans or deployment with endless possibilities by the wild combination between firearms, armors, ship types, carry-on boost items and the unique abilities of each commander. And when the war starts, they can make the best of their star fleets and even enhance the performance with good judgment and flexible response as they measure the ever-changing situation carrying out attack, defense, recharge and use of commander abilities and power-up items properly and accurately.

Darkfire Galaxies can be played as a solo campaign or a multiplayer war game depending on players’ choice whether engaging in PvP battles or not. But for most multiplayer competition with an active community is the very attraction of a strategic title. To make a powerful presence in the galaxy, making enemies and friends are both of necessity. Cover each other’s back by offering timely support, work out team-based tactics to confront stronger opponents and plan big in the large scale warfare for conquest together.

The war dog has been released. Who will be the ultimate dominator in the dark galaxy?