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Darklands Online is a medieval Strategy & RPG hybrid game easily accessible on the web browser. The game is a combination of Heroes of Might and Magic with the battle using cards similar to Magic: the Gathering.

Darklands Online

In Darklands Online the player controls a hero and a town and battles outlaws and bandits with cards and spells. Players will fight battles with many monsters and defeat them to enslave & enlist them into their own adventure party. And in battles, they strategically use action cards and cast spells that curse the enemy or heal own members.

In addition to adventurous PvE quests, players in the game will develop their towns and defend them from any other real-player adversaries who attack and raid hard-earned resources and wealth. They can attack others’, too, for the same purpose. Besides, a guild system is included allowing teammates to help collect resources and post reinforcements in towns for each other.

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