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  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Aeria Games, etc.
  • Developer: The 7th Rd
  • Genre: Shooter
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DDTank is an anime-inspired turn-based MMO shooter game that can be played directly from browser. Players step into the role of a cute cartoony fighter who pick up different styles of weapon and try to defeat opponents, in individual or in group, with shooting skills and tactics. The game provides a wide range of playable scenes, a large arsenal with unusual weapons in storage, and a rich variety of item buffs to choose. Against the colorful, stylized backdrops, tension is drained from the heart to make it light again. Endless fun waits.

After creating the character, you are greeted with a really brief tutorial, teaching the basic moves of moving, adjusting shoot angels, launching attacks and equipping weapons. Then the gameplay is straight to point, allowing you to try out what you just picked up in a battle. Start from 1on1 battles and develop to join larger scaled fight. More interested in playing with more opponents? In fact, you may feel divided in it: on one hand, the combat is more vivid and challenging with more players in the same battleground; one the other, it means you have to wait longer to take your turn.

The turn-based shooting is really interesting, hilarious sometimes. Not only can you equip with some unconventional weapons such as baskets, tomatoes and TV sets, etc., you can at times chance upon the really funny moments, say, when the opponent, definitely a newbie still lousy with the sense of angel, is knocked almost next to demise just by the bullets shot out of his own gun, three fire in a row. Of course, you will encounter tough rivals who will amaze you with the prowess in terms of suitable angel, instinctive or practiced sense of shooting distance and skillful use of various buffs. The scene is really responsive to your actions – everything can be blown up – which adds another layer to the non-identical battles.

Tasks constantly pop up to make sure you have to enough to engage and aim for. Also completing tasks is the easiest way to level up. Categorized into several types, tasks vary from the basic purchasing or fortifying a certain weapon to collecting x Golden Medals in the seasonal events. If you are a VIP, you can also play exclusive contents.

Besides the Game House, you can also practice your skills in other systems. Firing Range offers the practice area for you to horn the skills and boost accuracy; Spa, cozy as its title, is where you can gain XP but spare the risk of death in battles; Boatyard ushers you together with friends to adventures; and League, a hangout place for pals, also brings in the league fights. Shooting in a battle is the bulk of gameplay, but you can treat yourself with a little romance if you want, thanks to the implement of Marriage Chapel in the game.

All in all, DDTank is really enjoyable with its bright palette, anime-styled characters, rich variety of scenes (updated with new ones reguarly) and solid turn-based shooting battles. And its easy accessibility, directly via the browser, even makes it sweeter. Give it a shot and you will like it.

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