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Dead Frontier is a 3D browser-based horror MMORPG that takes you into the realistic scare in a zombie-infested world. It doesn’t provide a back story that explains how the first zombie is turned or how survivors can end the nightmare. It just leads you into the post-apocalyptic world and thrusts you into the hopeless yet instinctive struggle with one purpose. Survive.

You can create your survivor out of a wide selection of 20 professions based on the actual world roles. All roles are categorized into four classes in general known as Production, Service, Stats-Boost and Role-playing. Mixing realism, each profession has its own bonuses in initial cash, weapons, strength, skills, endurance, agility, etc.. For example, a farmer can create food and starts with a mini-41 rifle; a chef can prepare and cook food while equip a chef knife; a lawyer or a stock broker has experience bonus and an extra $100; and a boxer and a student share advantages in strength but differ from each other in other stats. Compared to the usual all-military alignment, the more civilian composition is thrown in a realistic taste and a fresh experience.

Dead Frontier

There is not a formal tutorial to walk you through the basics. With the simple UI design, you can sum up the game mechanics quickly, especially for those with past experience with text and image based titles. As to combat and battle skills, you can figure that out after a few deaths in the outside. When you first enter the game interface, it probably will remind you of the old-school text-based games you played before. But once you go into the colored zones of the Inner City, the tense zombie-slaying battles lift the whole game above the past crowd.

Battle to survive. You need to takes quests to level up and earn money to afford ammo and other necessities. Enter Inner City and battle zombies, alone or in group, to complete your mission. With great loots, you can get hands on over 100 different realistic weapons from axe to miniguns. If you don’t feel like a fierce confrontation with powerful zombies, you can search different buildings from residential houses to supermarkets indoors; and if you are in a killing mood, you can have your good fights outside or venturing deep into the dangerous zones. The battle scene is designed in a darkness style with limited visibility. It’s like fighting in a flash light’s range. And that really increases the creepiness and challenge especially when you go solo – imagine the skip of a heart beat when you turn about to find one or more zombies. Besides, there is PvP, too.

Overall, Dead Frontier is a realistic and fun zombie survival game. With its variety of professions and dark tense combat, it’s among the best action-packed horror games on the web browser. Best of all, it’s free.

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