Deep Dungeons of Doom

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Deep Dungeons of Doom is a new free-to-play dungeon crawler with retro 8-bit artwork. Bringing players back to the 8-bit era, the game will offer simple yet challenging quests that lead adventurers into the unfathomable dungeons of Doom. It is described as “deceptively simple to play and devilishly difficult to master”. Are you ready for the challenge?

Deep Dungeons of Doom

Key Features:

  • 3 different classes to choose from, each attached to unique gameplay
  • Engaging storyline with the ring of dark humor
  • A variety of monsters with unique attack patterns to hack and slash
  • Fast-paced, action-packed real-time battles that require skills to win
  • Deep experience for single-player with 11 dungeons in default as well as 6 more within the expansion pack, each with two modes of Normal and Endless
  • And more…

Deep Dungeons of Doom is now out for OUYA, with iOS and Android versions to follow shortly afterwards.