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After the hugely popular ChefVille, here comes another cuisine-themed simulation game, Dessert Shop. A new business Sim on Facebook, the game offers you the chance of running your own dessert shop. Unlike the Two Broke Girls, you have your newly acquired chef degree and a furnished shop as a gift from your uncle. Entering the beautiful kitchen, you are embracing a life full of sweetness.

Dessert Shop

In your small yet functioning property, you will gain various ingredients like sugar, milk, wheat, walnuts, etc. – collected directly from the shelves or grown in the field by yourself – and start making various desserts by recipes to serve the customers. You do a little farming for some ingredients and then go production assembly for the rest. Grow wheat in the field and make low-gluten flour in the Grinder, collect eggs and make butters in the Blender, and then combine these basic materials with other ingredients like chocochips and onions to create your scrumptious desserts.

Both farming and cooking takes time to finish. But you can fill the waiting time with the unavoidable chores in collection, decoration and construction. You will be surprised what a heavy workload it is for a dessert chef. And the quest chain will lead you, occupying you in endless tasks. But it will pay off soon. As your business picks up gradually, you will see more customers frequent your shop, enjoying cookies in your diner or ordering take-out. You can also serve limited Coffee to turn customers into fans, who are indispensable in your future expansion plan. But you only have a few free cups, with the rest either from the Coffee Machine (with a long cool-down time) or hard currency.

As your profits grow, so do your expense. With level-up, you will unlock and gain access to new equipment necessary to get you to the next step of your business. There are lots of machines you need in your kitchen from frying station and double freezer to mold baker and cooling machine. Along with equipment, you also need more shelves that offer either storage for or supplies of specific ingredient as well as operations like counters, service machines and table & chair. Want to hire more hands? Yes, you can. But they are expensive. Surely, if you have some spare money, you can never make your shop comfortable and beautiful enough with some fancy ornaments.

Every action from farming to baking consumes Energy. So as in most social games, you can work with full throttle only when you are energetic. Instead of the usual max-20 energy bar, you get 37 points, which is like a treat but still unable to satisfy a devoted workaholic. While you can go smoothly without forced halt before Lv. 7, the energy issue will begin to get you after that watershed. There is the slow auto-refill and the optional direct buy with real-money.

As to the social elements, you will be required to invite friends to play and you need friends. Besides the mutual help in free gifting, you can get rewards simply by visiting friends’ shops. More importantly, without materials from friends you can buy the expensive equipment/shelves from the shop but you can’t finish assembling them.

Dessert Shop has a distinct system which allows you to expand your business to the adjacent areas. That offers certain motive and objective to the repetitive baking career, and also generates a sense of pride and achievement. It’s beautifully drafted and set with a graceful leisure that suits much to the theme. Honestly, the bulk of simulation is lack of diversity, partly because it focuses entirely on the business of a dessert shop. So it may be a bore to players who have neither sweet teeth nor interests in this industry, but a lot of fun for the right opposite.

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