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  • Release Date: Oct. 2012
  • Publisher: Cookapps
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Match-3
  • Official Site

Cookapps that has successfully published Buggle and Superball is now bringing us another new match-3 puzzle game named Diggle on Facebook. As the title suggests, we will dig with Doug (a mole) under the ground to throw stones and complete one mission after another.


Diggle starts with an episode in which The Three Pigs ask for you help to rebuild their house. It’s not a bad try as an attempt of threading the separated games with a story, but it is really illogical: who build houses by digging beneath the ground? To set the story aside, Diggle plays by standard rules.

You can get in to the gameplay in a breeze. You act as the mole to throw stones at groups of 3 or more blocks with the same color to eliminate them. When you eliminate 5 gems in a group, you get a fire bomb that can take away surrounding blocks with an explosion. You have limited stones/moves and you need to reach the objective of a certain level. And if you reach your goal and also have some stones in hand, they will turn into fire bombs to continue clear the left blocks on board for extra points. If all blocks are eliminated, you get a Perfect Clear, which rewards 5,000 extra points to charge the Star Meter.

Instead of being blitz-oriented, Diggle diversifies the gameplay with a little puzzle-solving strategy. It offers a series of different objectives for you to complete at a certain level. You may need to reach a certain Star Level, collect some Diamonds (using firebombs) or eliminate x mount of one or two types of gems on the board. You need to finish the specific task within the moves in hand. Besides, the play board is designed in many shapes including square with a hole in the center, pyramid, parallel lines and other irregular shapes. Together with the ever-changing boards are the appearance of more features on them like the Rock (destructible only with firebombs) and Diamonds.

Power-ups are never left out of this king of game. You will first unlock them before you can purchase them with coins, earned by playing or exchanging with Facebook credits. You can get vertical and horizontal drills that can take away respectively a volume and a row of gems including stones, extra rocks/moves and super Goggles, etc.. You have two free Power-up slots in default, and can unlock the third by spending 35 Facebook credits.

The social element in Diggle stays at the level of sending each other free gifts. It can be helpful in gaining extra free lives. You have 5 free lives. You lose one when you fail a level. Lost lives will be recovered over time automatically, but it’s certainly better to enjoy the continuous gameplay.

Diggle is not innovative at all. Everything in it triggers the familiar feeling. That said, it is still fun and immersive. Currently, it has overall 105 levels for you to dig through. Start stoning.

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