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Diggy’s Adventure

Diggy’s Adventure
  • Release Date: June 2012
  • Publisher: Pixel Federation
  • Developer: Pixel Federation
  • Genre: Adventure&Puzzle
  • Official Site

An adventure to Egypt. You are not a scientist or an explorer, but a digger named Diggy. With the ship wreckage on the Egyptian shore near the town of Luxor, you come to the exotic land where you have nothing but your own strengthen and spade in hand to rely on. In fact, the folks in the town even rely on you to lift the curses on the place. Pick up the spade, dig!

Diggy's Adventure_Underground Camp

Digging through different dungeon-like caves is the bulk of gameplay. You will enter various caves such as smuggler’s den, prison and old funeral home to finish different goals like rescuing orphans and collecting jars. Minor objectives vary with locations, but one shared purpose of all places is to search for the fragmented stone piece of eight Egyptian Gods, including Anubis (guard of the underworld), Isis (patron of the nature and magic), Horus (lord of the sky, war and hunting) and Sobek (god of river Nile) and so on. Piece up the stone plate and quell the anger of the gods – that’s the plot of the linear story.

Each cave is designed like a labyrinth with zigzagging paths, treasure hidden in corner. To reach the box, jar or any special objects that may contain what you are looking for, you have to use your spade or strength to overcome the barriers. Move the rolling stone or cloth wad, break the turf, rock and plank, cut off the cloth, find the key to open iron bars, or turn the usable switches to open doors – do whatever is needed to clear a road out. As you unlock more nodes on the map, the cave you enter will be more complex with more rooms to explore and more barriers to overcome.

Diggy's Adventure

While the exploration sounds interesting, it’s not really about thinking and solving puzzles, but about draining Energy. The only tactics, if it is, is that you need to do a little calculation so that you can save several points of Energy in certain spot – make sure that paving a way costs the least energy; that’s all. Although you need to search keys or turn switches to pass on some occasions, it doesn’t really a problem – just taking the accessible path will finally get you over barriers.

As the energy bar drains, the XP bar is filled up, one for one. Really, the amount of energy consumed in exploration is the exact amount of XP you gain. You start with a 200-point bar, which doesn’t sustain long in your adventure. One block of clay takes you 5 points while a rock eats up to 24 points. If you chance upon a God’s Child and free him, you will gain 15 points or so energy; and when you are low in energy, you can return to your camp to click the rescued Child for a small amount of energy. But the small amount gained from clicking him can only support at most 3 more clicks. Auto regeneration of energy is slow, 1 point per 10 minutes. Surely, you can buy energy from shop in the form of food with Rubies, the hard currency.

There is alternative method to produce energy by building camp. You will earn coins and materials in exploration, which are needed in the construction of your camp, underground and vertical. Bombs bought with coins and plank can clear out usable space, in which equipment or decorations can be placed to facilitate the exploration. Equipment is energy-oriented. Buckets, tubes, stumps, mushrooms, flasks and many more objects can be added to the camp, taking up different sizes and regenerating different amounts of energy per hour. Some of the equip costs coins, some requires material, while others can only be purchased by Rubies. The higher the price, the greater the amount of energy.

Diggy’s Adventure starts well with an interesting story and digging adventure, but reveals the tedium of repetitive play due to the lack of strategy after a few hours’ play. Add more barriers and increase the difficulty; otherwise, the game crumbles in the adventure part. Without real puzzle to rack the brain, the game will enter to a deadlock quickly.

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1 Comment on Diggy’s Adventure


  1. Puchva says:

    How long did you play the game ? 1 hour? Cause I play the game for 2 months and is awsome, but if you play the game just for review, till level 8, you miss the point.
    Guys, dont read the review, play the game.



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