Digimon Masters – Murmukusmon Returns with Exclusive Sale

TIME : 23rd Apr 2014 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Digimon Masters sees the rise of the fallen angel Murkukusmon, who can be recruited in the game now. To catch up with this original angel-type soldier, it’s nicknamed as Earl within the executive lcass of the Nightmare Soldiers and be able to summon up to 30 troops. A virus-style Digimon, it has a short fuse and can sweep through anyone that irrates it with heated blasts of the Gehena Flame.

Digimon Masters

Besides, there are a couple of events going on now in Digimon Masters that include the “Bring Your Friends” and the “Burst Mode” activities. Also, the May Festival Coin event was just kicking off to offer players a chance of hording bags of rare coins that can purchase a variety of items from the boosters to exclusive mercenary slot expansion. To find the full details of how to participate in these events you can head to the official site (www.joymax.com) or simply login and find out in the DATS Center.

Digimon Masters b

Digimon Masters c