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Disney Hidden Worlds is a beautiful hidden object game based on the timeless Disney films. As the latest HOG title from Disney that created successful Ghost of Mistwood and Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, Disney Hidden Worlds uniquely approaches the object hunt genre by exploiting the rich and classic Disney scenes and film clips to create a casual and captive experience.

In Disney Hidden Worlds you visit a lovely realm where a bunch of rascal Inklings bring Disney stories to life with their power of imagination. All are wonderful until a cloud of Dark Ink envelops the kingdom intended to frustrate the stories towards the happily-ever-after ending. It turned out that the dark ink was created by Chrona, the leader of the inklings, in her wild imagination when she wished to have an adventure. Now you need to help them to foil the scheme of the intangible Dark Ink and fix the world.

Disney Hidden Worlds

The Dark Ink seemed to have made various objects and tools disappear in an attempt to hinder the plot from going smoothly. In Beauty and the Beast, for instance, how can Belle’s father go to the fair without his cart and then stop by the Beast’s castle? There are a lot of items missing in each story. And you need to collect the required materials by playing scenes and then let the Inklings craft them all with their great imaginative power.

The hidden object search of Disney Hidden Worlds contains two modes of gameplay. One is the traditional laundry list style and the other is quite unique – less silhouette but more of derivation of spot-the-difference. In the special mode, you don’t find separate objects but spot various areas according to the images in the list. The established concepts like hint with cool-down and five-star rating system are included. By completing scenes you earn different inks, paper materials and experience and get a paper house when you fill a star completely. All these items are useful for crafting and unlocking more scenes and the plot.

The game is structured on a tripod – object hunting, crafting and restoring buildings. The three elements are intertwined with one another. You play scenes to collect crafting materials and craft the lost items to unlock the various important locales covered in fog and locked by the Dark Ink in each story and restore the unlocked structures to higher levels. To unfold the plot and move forward, you will have to replay scenes for multiple times in order to get the required materials or to raise the Mastery Level, i.e. earning more stars for further upgrading. You can rely on your memory and growing familiarity with a scene during replay because a scene doesn’t change but you will need to put some efforts because each scene prepares more than 50 different items to make every search a little bit different.

All play scenes are from Disney classics and keep the cartoony art style. Currently, there are three stories, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Tangled, included in the game, each with ten or so selected scenes. The gameplay is on the whole casual and not difficult probably because it is mainly targeted relatively young groups.

Disney Hidden Worlds incorporates the Energy bar to set the game pace. It costs energy points to play a scene and when it runs out you have to wait for slow auto recovery or spend gems to buy energy packs. The game monetizes mainly via Gem, the hard currency, which can be spent on both energy and crafting. In crafting you can use gems to directly buy the needed materials without playing or to speed up the completion of an item. You may want to add friends in the game for friends can give each other free energy and other gifts and help boost each other’s completion of crafting, too.

Disney Hidden Worlds is a beautiful game. It has maintained the traditional concepts of a HOG and brought nice touches in its unique game mode and interactive storytelling. A faithful works to classic Disney stories and scenes, it is more appealing to casual players with its moderately challenging play, colorful palette and fairytale-like story.

Note: You can play it on iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook.com and sync your progress across all platforms.

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