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Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Playdom
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Genre: Advneture RPG
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Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is a free-to-play Facebook game with all the trappings of a great adventure RPG. The game starts with a family letter from your aunt who wanted you back to the family estate for company, as some strange was happening. While you return, you only find darkness envelop the area but no trace of your aunt. You begin to search around a little. And the adventure thusly begins.

You will rescue the investigator your aunt hired from a mausoleum, then talk to the cursed gipsy via the crystal balls, run into a restless ghost wandering around, and piece together the info you get to come to the fact that your aunt is kidnapped by the Dark Spirit, the bad guy who also trapped all the innocent people here. The people you free will become your helpers who guide you to tidy up the estate, clear the surrounding fogs, rescue more characters and search for clues of finding Mrs. Mistwood finally.

Disney's Ghost in Mistwood

You can’t go anywhere without supplies, tools, meds, magical potions and all that required to defeat the dark spirit. Therefore, you need to restore the family estate first while getting more helpers before you are ready to take on the evil. There are a lot of things for you and your helpers to do – clear the dead trees, wild grass and stones, grow trees, sage, cloves, etc. and harvest them for different materials, feed a variety of creatures like owl, fox and bat and gain different materials, craft different items, mine and craft metals, break mausoleums to free more, and explore outside to discover more clues, and so on and so forth.

Almost every act in the game, yours or your helpers’, takes time to complete ranging from seconds to hours. As in most games, the required time for completion shows increasing tendency as you unlock high level contents. You can shorten the labor by using Gold or Magic, the former being premium currency while the latter gain-able by growing clovers. So don’t let your men idle. Hard work can quicken time-consuming projects like mining and cutting down giant evil trees. But that also means your regular presence in the game.

What about Energy? Oh, it no longer rules because it is not implemented in the main part of gameplay. With that said, it still has its influence in the hidden object mini-games integrated here. You have overall 60 points of energy to spend, 10 for one play. Inside the HOG, you can find some special items in every scene that can be used in the adventure and crafting. With level up, you can unlock more scenes to explore.

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is not an all new title, not in the rudimentary frame of gameplay. If you’ve ever played Gnome Town or Botkin’s Hidden Cave, you will find the similar structures almost immediately when you begin your rescue mission. The helpers, the farm work, the exploration and the ongoing of the plot, etc. – all brings back the been-there memory. It’s new in the skin though, with its own ghost theme, audio and visual effects and amimation.

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is a wonderful game where you can enjoy for hours at a sit, if you can ignore the non-initiative game framework or simply unaware of it. From enthralling ghost story and spooky (in a good way) artwork to evolving adventure and animated role-playing, the game can be greatly rated for what it is.

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3 Comments on Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood


  1. Gill says:

    Shame disney didn't sell Ghosts of Mistwood instead of closing it down. This was the best game ever. So many of us players still miss the game – nothing comes close to Mistwood.

  2. shivon tucker says:

    nothing is as addictive as this game. I have lost interest in internet games since this one shut down. Bring it back with new levels.

  3. grace geist says:

    its been awhile since I been on gorgot user mname and or password is there a way to reset the whole thing my email is ggeist30@zoominternet.net



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