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District 187: Sin Street

District 187: Sin Street
  • Release Date: Sept. 18th, 2012 (CBT)
  • Publisher: CJ Games Global
  • Developer:
  • Genre: FPS
  • Official Site

District 187: Sin Street (previously known as Sin Streets in short) is a new free-to-play First-person Shooter from CJ Games Global (netmarble) behind the seafaring MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online and the upcoming Monarch and Hounds.

District 187 Sin Street

Set in a near future, District 187 starts its fierce shooting battles in the backdrop of collapse of the world economy. S.W.A.T. versus Gangster is the core of gameplay and is the back story to fuel the cut-throat battles among players. In the game, players will select their side and band together with friends to fight for the dominance from area to area in the urban. By expanding influence and controlling cities, players can get various rewards such as weapons, modifications and in-game currency. At launch, District 187 will be richly featured allowing players to get access to gun modification, clan support, over six game modes, about 20 distinct maps and more.

District 187: Sin Street is set to begin CBT on Sept. 18th, 2012. Players can sign up for beta key now.

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