Dracula Twins

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Dracula Twins is a new console-style platformer characteristic with horror-comedy adventures. Join Drac and Dragana on their rescue mission through a monster-packed underground world map!

Dracula Twins

The evil Doctor Lifelust mistakenly captured the vampire twins’ best friend Franislav in an attempt of making an elixir of life using vampire blood. And he also sent his army of the undead including zombies, goos, werewolves, flying jesters and more and conquered the Dracula family’s Castle Moonskull. In the crucial moment, you need to help the vampire twins to rescue their friends, retrieve their age-old residence and defeat the wicked doctor and his minions.

You can play the role of Drac or Dragana for free and freely switch between them during play. If you are willing to pay ransom, i.e. some real cash, you can also take the role of Franislav. The game dopts the traditional world map system with a series of progressively difficult levels that take you to various settings from graveyards to combs to other horror-themed terrains. To pass every level, you have three lives and hop, jump and fire skulls, if there are any, to avoid or kill monsters of all kinds, overcome gaps, traps and obstacles, and collect coins, ammos and other powerful items along the way.

Dracula Twins provides challenging level-passing adventure, diverse landscapes in the horror-comedy fashion and crisp graphics as well as immersive sound effects. And it is free-to-play.

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